stop at

stop at (something)

1. To cease moving upon reaching something or some point. If you fail to stop at a stop sign, you will fail your driving test immediately. You have to walk almost the whole way down the hall, stopping at the sign that says "New Patients."
2. To go to some place briefly, usually in order to accomplish something specific. I need to stop at the pharmacy and get my prescription filled. Let's stop at your mother's house on the way back and pick up our suitcases.
3. To stay at some location temporarily for one or more nights. A: "I'm starting to fall asleep behind the wheel." B: "Well let's stop at this motel for the night." We're going to stop at John's sister's house for a couple nights on our way to Florida.
4. To cease or desist after doing or achieving something. If you think the dictatorship will stop at conquering Eastern Europe, you're more naïve than I thought. Why stop at 2 million units? I have faith that we could sell 10 million!
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stop at something

1. . to go as far as something and then stop. I will stop at the end of the road. The road stopped at the base of a mountain.
2. . to stop briefly at something and then continue. I have to stop at the store for a minute. Do you mind if I stop at a drug store?
3. . to spend the night at some place. (Typically with motel, inn, bed and breakfast, and hotel.) We stopped at a nice little inn for the night. When we travel, we like to stop at hotels that are run by one of the national chains.
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References in classic literature ?
You stop at the Schreiber--you'll find it full of Americans.
You stop at one of those big hotels over the bridge--they're packed full of Americans."
"Well, then you stop at the Schreiber--it's full of Americans.
The sleigh will proceed on to Lansdowne Road and stop at two locations.
The new facilities - 'Nanggang High School' stop located at Nangang District and 'Wesley Girls High School' stop at Shilin District respectively- are officially inaugurated on Indigenous Peoples Day (August 1).
Due to the poor condition of the road to the bus stop at the district courts square, public transporters avoid stopping there and drop and pick passengers at the main road creating traffic jams.
Raesaenen, "Functionality of a Bus Stop at Exit or Merging Lanes and Its Impact on Driver Behavior," Traffic Engineering Control, vol.
My journey started at the bus stop at the Brays Road junction and one mile of driving along the X1 bus route terminated at the stop just beyond the Farmfoods store.
STOP AND LISTEN STOP and listen Be in the position Make your life better Make it more interesting Stop and listen Tell yourself I am a good person I am doing good I am changing the world Stop and listen Be in the right position Live your dreams Read all the magazines Tell yourself Life is worth living It's a sunny position Stop and listen Get rid of stress Clear up the mess Thing good about yourself Be the next solution Be the great I am Listen to the voice inside Stop at the traffic lights Take a walk in the woods Change your attitude Change your thinking Change the world.
performing the traffic stop at issue was to investigate a reported drunk
Dubai: The popular bus stop at Dubai Trade Centre roundabout has been shifted close to Al Jaffiliya Metro station for safety reasons, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.
They were given following sixteen words to utter with target stop at the initial position.
Services 21, 23 will use stop GE in Greyfriars Road and 30 will stop at GG in the same road.
That's what House Bill 2690 would allow: an "Idaho stop" - which is no stop at all, named for the state where bicyclists are allowed to treat stop signs as yield signs.
One woman said: "The man said the bus couldn't stop there because it was blocking the road and following traffic could not overtake." It left commuters wondering if the 503 had been re-routed - as it has on the way into Huddersfield - or would continue up Halifax Road, but not stop at the Grey Horse.