stop at

stop at (something)

1. To cease moving upon reaching something or some point. If you fail to stop at a stop sign, you will fail your driving test immediately. You have to walk almost the whole way down the hall, stopping at the sign that says "New Patients."
2. To go to some place briefly, usually in order to accomplish something specific. I need to stop at the pharmacy and get my prescription filled. Let's stop at your mother's house on the way back and pick up our suitcases.
3. To stay at some location temporarily for one or more nights. A: "I'm starting to fall asleep behind the wheel." B: "Well let's stop at this motel for the night." We're going to stop at John's sister's house for a couple nights on our way to Florida.
4. To cease or desist after doing or achieving something. If you think the dictatorship will stop at conquering Eastern Europe, you're more naïve than I thought. Why stop at 2 million units? I have faith that we could sell 10 million!
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stop at something

1. . to go as far as something and then stop. I will stop at the end of the road. The road stopped at the base of a mountain.
2. . to stop briefly at something and then continue. I have to stop at the store for a minute. Do you mind if I stop at a drug store?
3. . to spend the night at some place. (Typically with motel, inn, bed and breakfast, and hotel.) We stopped at a nice little inn for the night. When we travel, we like to stop at hotels that are run by one of the national chains.
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References in classic literature ?
You stop at the Schreiber--you'll find it full of Americans.
You stop at one of those big hotels over the bridge--they're packed full of Americans.
Well, then you stop at the Schreiber--it's full of Americans.
My journey started at the bus stop at the Brays Road junction and one mile of driving along the X1 bus route terminated at the stop just beyond the Farmfoods store.
They were given following sixteen words to utter with target stop at the initial position.
Services 21, 23 will use stop GE in Greyfriars Road and 30 will stop at GG in the same road.
When offenders fail to stop at the chosen site, they may be attempting to select a more beneficial location for themselves, considering options of escape and tactical advantage, or deciding whether to use their firearm against the officer.
Failure to stop at a stop sign was blamed for a second crash about 11 hours later that seriously injured a Lancaster motorist, California Highway Patrol officials said.
Usually," he says, "they stop at one of those [airport] paintings and look around suspiciously, or they don't know how to use the escalator because they've never been to an airport.
Along the way, the buses will stop at a number of spots, including Malibu Creek State Park, Tapia Park, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Solstice Canyon, Zuma Beach, Peter Strauss Ranch, Paramount Ranch and two Backbone trailheads (Kanan Road and Malibu Canyon Road).
Chiaramonte's 1998 Ford Escort was headed east on Avenue H when for unknown reasons she didn't stop at the stop sign at 90th Street East, CHP officers said.
They could have done other things, like a flashing light indicating an intersection ahead, and make sure drivers are well aware that they are required to stop at the corner.
Buses connecting with the San Joaquin trains leave the Newhall stop at 2:40 a.