stop (someone or something) (dead) in its/(one's) tracks

stop (someone or something) (dead) in its/(one's) tracks

To make someone or something stop or come to a complete halt immediately or very suddenly. Hearing the gunshot in the distance stopped us both dead in our tracks. Boy, Samantha could stop you in her tracks with her smile!
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stop someone in their tracks


stop someone dead in their tracks

COMMON If something stops you in your tracks or stops you dead in your tracks, it makes you suddenly stop what you are doing because you are very surprised or frightened. Seen across wide fields of corn this magnificent church cannot fail to stop you in your tracks. Note: You can also say that someone stops in their tracks or stops dead in their tracks. They stopped in their tracks and stared at him in amazement. They turned round. And then they stopped dead in their tracks, their hearts beating fast. Somebody was behind them.
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stop something in its tracks


stop something dead in its tracks

COMMON If someone or something stops a process or activity in its tracks or stops it dead in its tracks, they make it immediately stop continuing or developing. Francis felt he would like to stop this conversation in its tracks. These job losses could stop Britain's economic revival dead in its tracks.
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stop/halt somebody in their ˈtracks


stop/halt/freeze in your ˈtracks

suddenly make somebody stop by frightening or surprising them; suddenly stop because something has frightened or surprised you: The question stopped Alice in her tracks.The horse stopped dead in its tracks and refused to move.
See also: halt, somebody, stop, track
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