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First twist is that Lau is transferred to Internal Affairs to investigate the triad mole within the force, rapidly mirrored by Chan promising Hon that he'll find out who the police stoolie is.
It makes it much easier to direct what should be taught, to the point of transforming children into environmental stoolies in the name of "saving the world.
Luckily, or not, he then forgot, or wiser minds prevailed, I don't know, and his ashes were packaged up for the obligatory memorial service--probably more than one--so the mayor and his council, all the lackeys, flunkies, toadies and stoolies caught up in a shit-spotted cascade down those marble steps and into the astonished street is an event that exists first in my imagination and now in yours.
Gossip from one of these Net stoolies revealed that Pryce was a 16-year-old hacker from Britain who ran a home-based bulletin board system; its telephone number was given to the Air Force.
before being drugged by collared stoolies in layered Indonesian target gear.
The Poles call these cops stoolies, pigeons, Smurfs.
Its commission of stoolies is not the answer to our critical need for major surgery.