stone-cold sober

stone-cold sober

Completely sober; not intoxicated to any degree by drugs or alcohol. I'm stone-cold sober, so I'll drive us home. No, I'm not high—I've been stone-cold sober from the day I started working here!
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ˌstone-cold ˈsober

having drunk no alcohol at all: By the time I arrived at the party, everyone else had had quite a few drinks, whereas I was stone-cold sober. OPPOSITE: blind drunk
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stone (cold) sober

mod. absolutely sober. I am stone cold sober, or I will be by morning anyway.
See also: cold, sober, stone
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But, in the clear light of day and stone-cold sober, things can look very different.
She's particularly good on the weirdness of dating while stone-cold sober, and the subtle process of recalibrating her friendships.
Not only does it leave users stone-cold sober, it also doesn't induce the munchies, the hunger pangs that the drug's smokers generally suffer.
If "the stone-cold sober ex-police officer" Mr Leck alludes to had instead been a hardened criminal, and indeed perhaps even a repeat offender at that, if certain criteria were still met, then he would have been allowed home for a couple of days over Christmas.
I mean if they met me at 10pm on a Saturday night in St Mary Street and I was stone-cold sober flicking through the Collected Plays of Anton Chekhov then maybe they might be onto something.
In a statement last night he said: "Neither of us was charged because we were both stone-cold sober.
MOST darts players will not produce their best form if they go into a match stone-cold sober, writes Steve Palmer.
The truth is we can't say that if he (Harris) was stone-cold sober that he could have missed him," Parosa said.
Very few people are stone-cold sober by the time the clock is striking midnight on December 31 and the immortal Burns did make the mistake of writing the words in the Scots tongue that is a Scots-mist mystery to most of us south of the border.
The line between me being stone-cold sober and falling-down drunk is similar to the setting on my shower between freezing cold and scalding hot - I've not managed to find either of them yet.
But Sir Menzies is not to be trusted even when he's stone-cold sober.
I wake up feeling I've got a raging hangover, yet was in bed stone-cold sober by 10pm
He was stone-cold sober while they'd all had a few drinks but within an hour it was obvious Gazza had not only caught up with the others, he was overtaking them.