stone the crows

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stone the crows

An exclamation of surprise. Well, stone the crows! I never thought I'd see him walk through those doors again.
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stone the crows!

An expression of shock or surprise at or about something. Primarily heard in UK. Well, stone the crows! I never thought I'd see you around these parts again! Stone the crows, the kids are actually playing together quietly for once!
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ˌstone the ˈcrows


ˌstone ˈme

(old-fashioned, British English) used to express surprise, shock, anger, etc: Stone the crows! You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?
See also: crow, stone
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This is a two-CD packages with two Stone The Crows albums on each.
In 1969, Stone The Crows - Maggie, Leslie, Jimmy Dewar (bass), John McGinnis (keyboards) and Colin Allen (drums) - released their self-titled debut.
Les Harvey, brother of Scottish rocker Alex, was on stage with Stone the Crows on a rainy night when puddles appeared on the stage.
Members of the crowd join Stone the Crows in their stick dance
Stone the crows, it's that pundit who squawks about football on the telly
STONE the crows, the fixture computer has thrown Chris Hughton a hospital pass with Norwich's last four games of the season.
Well, give me a moment while I slip into the argot of the East India Dock Road," and then, like the consummate professional he is - I'm still taking no chances - holding a monogrammed handkerchief to his mouth, he might cough discreetly before giving it the full, "Gor blimey, gertcha, stone the crows, you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" schtick.
We also wish to thank Stone The Crows, of Regent Street, Leamington, who supplied us with some fantastic Christmas headgear to wear for the event.
She made a name for herself with the band Stone The Crows, releasing four albums with them.
The book, Stone The Crows, the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang contains 6000 words and expressions, 350 of them new.
He shared venues with stars like Gerry Rafferty, Maggie Bell and Stone The Crows and remembers a riot at a club when a bouncer carried his piano clear of the melee with him still playing.
WELL, shiver my timbers and stone the crows ( it's here at last.
A Sinclair, Inverness | Scottish rock singer Maggie, now 71, found fame in the late 60s with Stone the Crows.
WELL stone the crows, the women, the dogs and now the cats, the Saudi religious police are at it again.