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stoke something up

1. to poke or add fuel to a fire to make it burn hotter. Grandpa had to go down each winter morning to stoke the fire up. He stoked up the furnace every morning during the winter.
2. Sl. to start something, such as an engine. stoke this old car up so we can leave. stoke up your motorcycle and let's get going.
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stoke up

1. To feed or stir some fire or furnace: Lee had to go down to the basement several times to stoke up the furnace. The fire started going out, so I stoked it up with some logs.
2. To make some emotion or conflict more violent; intensify something: The accusations stoked up the tension that already existed between the groups. The argument was winding down when your insensitive comments stoked it up again.
3. To eat heartily: The boxer stoked up before the fight in order to maintain his strength. The runner stoked up on carbohydrates the day before the race.
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stoke something up

tv. to start something, such as an engine. Stoke up your motorcycle and let’s get going.
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Mr Griffiths went on to say that Stokes asked his colleague if they remembered the "drug dealer" who accused Stokes of stealing money.
Prosecutor Paul Carroll told the court that on the second visit to the Castle, Stokes confronted Shane, whose brother Stephen had taken over the pub the previous month.
O Muraile's account of Wolfe Tone's short-lived contingency plan for the mass emigration of United Irishmen and the foundation of a college in Kentucky with Stokes as professor is surely enough material for one of the greatest "what ifs" of Irish history (197).
A further three, in Exeter, Exmouth and Teignmouth, were sold to Stokes & Johnson, a company belonging to Andrew Johnson, the husband of Stokes director Louise Stokes-Johnson, for [pounds sterling]30,000.
Defending, Rod Smith described the relationship between the three parties as a "love triangle" and said Stokes had suffered postnatal depression.
M&M managing director Anand Mahindra said: "We believe the Stokes acquisition demonstrates our commitment to build a world-class business that serves its global customers.
Stokes, a well-known member of the zealous Jehovah's Witness religious grouping, has run up debts of more than pounds 500,000 in a host of financial dealings.
I love the industry," says Stokes, who secured a $250,000 loan from his former employer to launch his business.
While Cleveland Mayor, Stokes was active in the National League of Cities and was one of the first blacks named to the NLC Board of Directors in December of 1969.
Stokes will support the advertising and promotional efforts of 121 Subway restaurants in the Hawaiian market.
Ford Stokes, Founder and Client Partner with Stokes, McNutt and Partners, "Working with an experienced advertising leader like John to consistently define and grow our clients, sets our firm on a strong foundation for success.
Pontypridd managed to hold out until the 67th minute when hooker Joe Duffey crossed, giving Stokes the chance to level the scores.
THE father of Celtic striker Anthony Stokes is facing additional charges of assault, possession of cocaine and having two stun guns, it emerged yesterday.
This is what came of a lot of nights without sleep,'' joked artist Stan Stokes, 55.
Anheuser-Busch may be guilt of aggressive pricing, A-B president and CEO Pat Stokes told analysts at A-B's conference on Wednesday, but it isn't aiming for a price war with its competitors.