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stoke something up

1. to poke or add fuel to a fire to make it burn hotter. Grandpa had to go down each winter morning to stoke the fire up. He stoked up the furnace every morning during the winter.
2. Sl. to start something, such as an engine. stoke this old car up so we can leave. stoke up your motorcycle and let's get going.
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stoke up

1. To feed or stir some fire or furnace: Lee had to go down to the basement several times to stoke up the furnace. The fire started going out, so I stoked it up with some logs.
2. To make some emotion or conflict more violent; intensify something: The accusations stoked up the tension that already existed between the groups. The argument was winding down when your insensitive comments stoked it up again.
3. To eat heartily: The boxer stoked up before the fight in order to maintain his strength. The runner stoked up on carbohydrates the day before the race.
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stoke something up

tv. to start something, such as an engine. Stoke up your motorcycle and let’s get going.
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The law does not permit a carrier to use different applications for different-size small employer groups," Stokes writes.
Sunday People has learned that Stokes, who is dating the 36-year-old wife of a one-time friend, was greeted by angry relatives when he returned to Ulster.
Stokes attributes his company's success to his commitment to quality customer service and diversity in his own company and industrywide.
During his tenure, which ended in 1971, Stokes embarked upon an urban renewal effort that increased federal funding to the city and established a law requiring city contractors to establish minority employment programs.
Now it has 15 and will probably add a couple more by year's end, Stokes said.
Stokes & Associates is a leading independent advertising and public relations firm that represents both nationally recognized and rapidly growing brands.
Earlier in October, Stokes was withdrawn from the England's Ashes squad in the wake of pending investigation into the incident that had led to his arrest after a nightclub brawl in Bristol.
Later they chatted and Stokes complained to his colleague that he was in financial difficulty.
It was attended by Stokes jnr, who was then disciplined by Celtic for damaging the club's reputation.
Stokes and his agent declined to comment on his attendance at the party last night.
1 -- color in Simi edition only) (``I'm extremely pleased with it,'' said artist Stan Stokes of his Air ForceOne Pavilion mural.
Stokes, 20, of Gwerthonor Place, Gilfach, admitted criminal damage and was fined pounds 100 and ordered to pay pounds 35 costs.
Patterson was in the garage portion of the store that morning, and a co-worker, Andrae Stokes, was in the customer service area, when Patterson noticed a minivan pull up and stop some 50 feet from the building.
Stokes as president and chief executive officer of the corporation.
Bankrupt David Stokes, a senior figure in Downtown Radio news, is said to have trekked around after the terrified woman with a camera this week.