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stoke something up

1. to poke or add fuel to a fire to make it burn hotter. Grandpa had to go down each winter morning to stoke the fire up. He stoked up the furnace every morning during the winter.
2. Sl. to start something, such as an engine. stoke this old car up so we can leave. stoke up your motorcycle and let's get going.
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stoke up

1. To feed or stir some fire or furnace: Lee had to go down to the basement several times to stoke up the furnace. The fire started going out, so I stoked it up with some logs.
2. To make some emotion or conflict more violent; intensify something: The accusations stoked up the tension that already existed between the groups. The argument was winding down when your insensitive comments stoked it up again.
3. To eat heartily: The boxer stoked up before the fight in order to maintain his strength. The runner stoked up on carbohydrates the day before the race.
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stoke something up

tv. to start something, such as an engine. Stoke up your motorcycle and let’s get going.
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In a column for a local newspaper, Macari wrote: "I don't think Kenwyne Jones will be starting against Stoke, because Cardiff surely have to stick with the players that won at Southampton.
Stoke revived during the 1960s under the management of Tony Waddington, who took them back to the top flight.
Now in its 15th year as the official sponsor of Stoke City FC, Britannia has presented the club with over pounds 7million in annual cash bonuses through its 'Save and Support' savings accounts.
Stoke play physical, bruising football, brim-full of long balls and throw-ins.
We have undertaken a thorough review within Stoke of possible locations for our new contact centre.
Walsall - already promoted to Division One - never got to grips with the passion and commitment of the Stoke youngsters.
Stoke were in trouble from the moment Bournemouth's Steve Fletcher struck on 21 minutes.
He previously held senior sales positions at Foundry and Datacraft/Dimension Data, and brings to Stoke an exceptional level of experience in working with the major carriers and partners in the region.
At 23, he has appeared at two World Cups, so he will be warmly welcomed by his Stoke team-mates, many of whom have watched that many.
Jones has appealed against the PS75,000 fine and met with Stoke chairman club chairman Peter Coates last week to try to resolve the issue.
If it was hard to defend against Stoke they would score lots of goals, but they don't.
R MARKHAM suggests (Letters, June 28) that since the bus review in February it is now more difficult to get from Lower Stoke to Stoke Park School.
WE'VE got tickets for Stoke v Arsenal at the Britannia Stadium up for grabs - thanks to our pals at Britannia, principal partner of Stoke City FC.
ALBION must beat Stoke this weekend to send out a message they are not dead and buried.
Last season: Millwall 1 Stoke 1, Stoke 0 Millwall 0