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slang A cigar, especially an inexpensive one. I sat on the back porch sipping whiskey and smoking a stogie.


slang A cigar, especially an inexpensive one. I sat on the back porch sipping whiskey and smoking a stogy.
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n. a cigar. Then this guy pulls out a big stogie and starts to smoke it right there in the restaurant.
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When he gets a nod of approval from Monroe, the Stogies' elderly black equipment manager, Brown takes a vicious swing at the cross--when it hits the ground, the flames are extinguished.
Full of optimism, Stud believes that the Stogies can win the championship, a far cry from the dismal 12-23 record the team had before Jamie and Brown showed up.
Watch Cuban tabaqueros hand-roll stogies at El Credito Cigars (1106 Calle Ocho; 305-858-4162).
Before smoking those celebratory stogies, supporters of limited government have to remember two things.
There also will be cooking demos by chefs Matt Williams and Richard Wilcox, a New England cheese display, live music and a 40-foot trailer, the "Rolling Stogies" Cigar Lounge.
Habanos sells 100 stogies a year at its 87 locations worldwide.
Assuming the packages get past the anthrax monitors in the postroom, you can "puff stogies" to your heart's content - an activity that I'm assured has nothing to do with interns and American politicians.
To witness the lung-scorching array of stogies, it would be fitting for a Mafiosi to observe of his victim, "He smokes with the fishes."
Republican women were often seen in San Diego toting stogies, and one can only guess what the source of that purple haze was in Chicago.
It's a beauty - a real relic of the stuffed shirts of yesteryear, smoke-filled rooms and fat cats with stogies guffawing over the latest bamboozle of the taxpaying schmucks.
travelers from returning from Cuba with cigars may actually end up helping the Castro regime in its attempt to stop the illegal sale of counterfeit stogies.
Ribisi chatted with Michael Cole, his predecessor in the role of Pete, while Danes compared tales with Peggy Lipton, the original Julie, and Dennis Farina compared stogies with the original Adam Greer, Tige Andrews.
Even within Cuba, falsified stogies are a big problem, especially for unsuspecting tourists.
But the man readjusts quite nicely and before you know it, he's slurping martinis, puffing stogies and fending off bullets from the usual assortment of big-city scum.
Apparently, the proliferation of falsified stogies has become a big headache for the Cuban government, which recently began applying a series of measures aimed at stopping the problem before it begins bringing down the image of Cuban cigars in general.