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slang A cigar, especially an inexpensive one. A shortening of the more common "stogie." I sat on the back porch sipping whiskey and smoking a stog.


slang A cigar, especially an inexpensive one. I sat on the back porch sipping whiskey and smoking a stogie.
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n. a cigar. Then this guy pulls out a big stogie and starts to smoke it right there in the restaurant.


See stogie
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The Stog manuscript is also considered to be an indirect production of Thems spang ma.
There were three of us on our weekend break - me, the missus and Betty Stogs (4% ABV).
For all the coastal beauty, and all the Betty Stogs you can handle in one weekend, five stars are a rarity in Cornwall - especially in the family holiday market.
pounds 750 win Betty Stogs, 1.40 Newbury; pounds 1,750 win Ionian Spring, 3.20 Newbury,
NICK GASELEE served up a 577-1 shock for Flat-racing punters with a double strike from outsiders Betty Stogs and Star Of Arabia, who were saddled by his assistant, and former trainer, David Chappell.
Charles Cruden nearly didn't retain Betty Stogs as planned, because of the owner-breeder's physical resemblance to Toby Balding.
Betty Stogs, who refused to enter the stalls - and with a name like that, who could blame her!