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Our activities in Afghanistan would have probably seized in early eighties, remember the conflict, you have various Mujahideen groups , you had militants , Afghan government , you had vey strong Soviet influence, the ICRC continuously had discussions with all of them," added Stocker.
Mr Stocker was an ex-chairman and president of the Royal Naval Association Birmingham & District.
Staff at both hospitals suspected Stocker, who kept a vigil by her son's bed, but could not prove what she was doing.
Its first chapter suggests that philosophical psychology should broaden its concern from emotions and interests to "affectivity" in general, something Stocker does not define.
Earlier this year, Stocker was selected by the National Diversity Council as a recipient of the "Glass Ceiling Award" at their Florida Women's Conference.
Stocker, of Bordon, Hants, then boss of Tory peer Lord Selborne's Blackmoor Estate, will be sentenced later but was told jail was an option.
NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: "This year we have chosen to focus on developing and securing a future for our industry.
FORMER Sky Blues board member Ted Stocker spent so much time being treated at the city's BMI Meriden Hospital that staff even awarded him his own key and lifetime membership of one of its rooms.
Liverpool crown court heardWarren Stocker, 26, has eight previous convictions for assaults - including one on the same former partner Laura Fitzgerald.
District Judge Liam O'Grady today ordered Stocker to pay jointly and severally $6,360,191 in restitution and to forfeit $2,175,993 in a money judgment as well as other property and assets.
The Retired Greyhound Trust, in the person of Mr Stocker, appeared before that group on the August 24, 2005, as part of the delegation from the industry arguing for continued self-regulation.
Mr Stocker and Mr Shearstone transfer from Barnsley and Leeds respectively, while Ms Johnson also moves from the Leeds centre.
SECOND World War veteran Sam Stocker, believed to be the last surviving shipmate of HMS Dainty, the destroyer sunk off Tobruk by German and Italian aircraft in 1941, has died at his home.
Stocker (42), of Romford, Essex, was said to have lost everything she loved and faced life in isolation in prison.
David Stocker was ill for months but doctors could not cure him because his mother Petrina was misleading them.