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"Lyrically, compositionally, and as performers, we never want to provide false advertising," Stocker said.
Mrs Stocker, 51, of Longwick, Buckinghamshire, challenged the judge's ruling at the Court of Appeal.
Mr Stocker, who met Prince Harry - creator of the Invictus Games - in Wellington barracks- barracks, said: "The terrain and topography in Australia is all damaged by the weather, so it was beautiful and it was amazing, but I'm probably the first prosthetics user to undertake that sort of terrain.
Akerman filed the federal lawsuit on Ability Housing's behalf in 2015, and Stocker was instrumental in advancing the case, handling almost every aspect of the litigation--conducting background investigations, drafting the pleadings, taking depositions, arguing motions in federal court, co-leading a full-day mediation, and assisting in negotiating and drafting the final settlement.
Salomon Kalou beat the offside trap and unselfishly teed up Stocker to tap home into an empty net.
The court heard "strong and wellbuilt" Stocker had previously been jailed for several serious assaults against Miss Fitzgerald, including battering her while she was holding their baby son - showering the infant in blood.
Mr Stocker concluded: "While the reluctance of Defra to roll out a nationally-funded vaccination programme is understandable, NSA feels strongly that trade must be protected at all costs.
In response, her lawyers claim "vindictive motives" lie behind Mr Stocker's legal action in the aftermath of their acrimonious divorce.
Apart from being on the board for the Sky Blues greatest achievement, Stocker will relish the memory of pocketing PS50,000 when the final whistle blew against Spurs He wagered PS1,000 at 50-1 in the January that City would lift the Cup.
Energy and regulatory specialist at Pinsent Masons, Tom Stocker, said: "Companies have been preparing for re-entry over recent months.
In the past, scientists thought that these one-prop microbes could swim only in a straight line, says coauthor Roman Stocker of MIT.
The Clean Stocker CLS-50 buffers intrabay and interbay work in progress with location modules that can be expanded as required.
Clumsy pensioner Roy Stocker accidentally put his foot on the accelerator rather than the brake when parking his car outside his Bartley Green home.
IVOR STOCKER, who stood down as executive director of the Retired Greyhound Trust in July, is the first recipient of the newly-titled George Ford Award for Services to Retired Greyhounds.