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He acted as her almoner and secretary as well as her steward--distributed her charities, wrote her letters on business, paid her bills, engaged her servants, stocked her wine-cellar, was authorized to borrow books from her library, and was served with his meals in his own room.
The lake is well stocked with fish; and I have a boy employed in the garden, who will be glad to attend on you in the boat.
In the meantime the claim was cleaned up and firewood stocked in.
They lived on an almost straight- meat diet of moose, caribou, and smoked salmon, eked out with wild berries and somewhat succulent wild roots they had stocked up with in the summer.
And yet he hailed the morning on which he had resolved to quit London, with a light heart, and sprang from his bed with an elasticity of spirit which is happily the lot of young persons, or the world would never be stocked with old ones.
I had a little plate, but not much, and was well enough stocked with clothes and linen.