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Other than the risk of receiving bad fuel because of recirculation problems or the possible loss of a fuel farm due to enemy attack, fuel stockage to the maximum safe storage capacity has advantages over the DOS standard.
An important advantage of just-in-case stockage is that the unit in need may have stocked the part "just in case" it is needed so that it is immediately available to the requester and no wait time is encountered.
What will change is the stockage level of parts that could cause a one-time capitalization for some levels while other levels could be lowered.
At Stockage 2000, SOFTWORKS announced the beta availability of CenterStage/MP for Windows NT and the impending availability of CenterStage/Extended for Oracle.
Les services medicaux ont prouve tres dangereux, egalement, le stockage de matieres radioactives pour de longues durees, comme c'est le cas de ces conteneurs, ce qui pourrait negativement influe sur la sante des habitants de la region et leur causer des maladies de cancer.
The Expert Authorized Stockage List (ASL) Team at the Logistics Support Activity can help units improve their combat readiness by analyzing demand data and advising SSAs what to stock.
The ESC also was responsible for theater fuel stockage at direct support and general support fuel sites.
The Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, now offers users in the field help in developing prescribed load lists (PLLs) and authorized stockage lists (ASLs) through its Logistics Integrated Data Base (LIDB).
Retail and Wholesale Stockage Levels for the Air Force.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC), the leader in Intelligent Storage(TM) systems, announced today that the company's Scalar(R) 24 entry-level tape library was selected as the Product of the Year in the backup hardware category at the sixth annual Forum Stockage 2002, held last month in Paris.
Il a rappele que Naftal a realise cette annee des investissements pour augmenter ses capacites de stockage par la realisation de nouveaux centres d'enfutage dans des regions presentant des risques d'isolement lies aux intemperies.
Le mode de stockage en plein air n'est pas eligible a la prime de magasinage, rappelle par ailleurs l'ONICL, en se referant aux dispositions de la circulaire relative a la commercialisation des cereales de la recolte 2005.
At the entry level their offer looks pretty competitive versus OVH s, such as 15 email addresses with 3Go space, 150Go data memory and stockage, and unlimited traffic.