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Ainsi la capacite de stockage de Kalaa Kebira et les ouvrages hydrauliques annexes s'eleve a 33 millions de m3, alors que la capacite de stockage du reservoir de Saida et des ouvrages hydrauliques y afferent est de 45 millions metres cubes.
Le Lot N 1 Concerne La Ralisation De Deux Lagunes De Stockage Des Eaux Brutes De Capacit Totale De 5 600 M3, Ainsi Que La Ralisation De Bassins De Rtention Des Eaux Pluviales.
L'agence Reuters a souligne de vastes tendances de stockage d'aliments qui revelent une inquietude vis a vis d'un gel du mouvement de commerce si les incidents s'aggravent apres le 30 juin.
Medical logisticians must understand and use the ASL review board process to synchronize class VIII stockage levels with customer demands and mission requirements.
The EDCB process is a scientific approach to stockage determination.
Toutes les solutions consistent principalement a faire la duplication des donnees a partir d'une source vers un support ou un appareil de stockage.
Ses interets en recherche portent sur le stockage et la conversion de l'energie.
For instance, an analysis of zero-balance line items on a stockage list would be an ideal candidate for improvement.
When we first went into New Guinea, we had this bright idea that you couldn't do anything unless you had a 120-day stockage of everything.
Le but est d'arriver a des avancees significatives en matiere de production, de stockage et de distribution d'hydrogene, ainsi que de piles a combustibles pour la production d'electricite et le transport.
We changed Army policy several years ago to reduce the amount of items carried on unit prescribed load listings while simultaneously reducing stock levels in many authorized stockage lists across the field army.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced recently that the company's Scalar i2000 data center tape library was selected as the Product of the Year in the backup hardware category at the seventh annual Forum Stockage conference, held earlier this month in Paris.
Celle-ci s'est en effet unie avec le Suedois Frigoscandia Distribution le 24 juin afm d'acheter les actifs de l'usine de King's Lynn et a regle une gestion de stockage et de distribution a cote.
A reliable schedule, and the support of the Van Ommeren shipping firm, allows the Air Force to cut its routine supplies stockage requirement by more than 10 percent.
A change to this policy would permit DLA to include non-CLSSA demands in forecasting their stockage level requirements and provide better support to the FMS customer by reducing the number of backorders.