stock with

stock (something) with (something else)

To fill something or some place with a store or supply of some commodity. Make sure you stock the bunker with bottled water and non-perishable foods. We try to stock our shelves with produce grown by local farmers wherever possible.
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stock something (up) with something

to load something with a supply of something. Let's stock the wine cellar with good vintages this year. We will stock up our wine cellar with whatever is on sale.
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Companies offering significant dividends, which suppress pure share price growth, should offer restricted stock with dividend rights in order to reflect total returns.
Example 2: Helen is the sole shareholder of an S corporation that has one class of voting common stock with a $100,000 FMV.
For example, assume that a partnership owns cash of $1 million, mortgaged property with a fair market value of $10 million subject to debt of $9 million, corporate stock with a value of $2 million, and tangible personal property worth $4 million but subject to purchase money debt of $3 million.
Incomplete wetting, as in a stock with scorch time lower than tc, result in weak boundary layers of rubber around the cords.
Moreover, because this concept does not require recognition of gain on the shares tendered, an insider can realize limited profits in company stock with no tax cost.
The subsidiary is then treated as purchasing its parent's stock with the money received from the parent and its employees.
If available, sell stock with a large regular tax (and AMT) capital gain in the same year as selling the ISO shares.
There are also fees for a CPA firm to register the tracking stock with the SEC and for the SEC registration.
54) Another feature that has appeared in such transactions is a recapitalization of the interests of the old shareholders of the acquired corporation, converting their stock from common stock to nonvoting preferred stock or stock with voting rights that are disproportionate to the value of such stock, and the simultaneous issuance of voting common stock to the acquiring corporation.
The ESOP bought all the convertible preferred stock with funds borrowed from banks and the corporation.
If an ISO is exercised with previously acquired shares, resulting in a basis allocation between shares deemed acquired in exchange under section 1036 and other shares as described above, and there is then a disqualifying disposition of some of the shares acquired pursuant to the ISO, the stock with the lowest basis is deemed to be disposed of.
The employer may redeem the preferred stock with cash or common stock at a price equal to the initial value of the preferred stock.
Hex receives land with a $10,000 FMV and Hex stock with a $10,000 FMV.
Therefore, the issue is whether the IRS will permit the exchange of voting stock with poison pill rights in an otherwise qualifying B-type reorganization.