stitch onto

stitch (something) onto (something else)

To fasten something onto something else with stitches. I stitched a patch onto my jacket to cover up the large the tear. I got my new jersey for the football team, but they haven't stitched my name onto it yet.
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stitch something onto something

 and stitch something on
to sew something onto the surface of something else. Fred stitched the badge onto his jacket. Fred stitched on the badge.
See also: stitch
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Decoupage the test stitch onto a gift or jewelry box.
2 Continuing to refer to Embroidery Diagrams and to Diagram I, applique patches B-F with blanket stitch onto A as shown.
This eliminates the problem of thread getting tangled up on pins as you stitch onto the background fabric.
ROUND 2: With the new color, work to the color-change marker, temporarily remove the color-change marker, use the right needle to pick up the stitch below the first stitch on the left needle and place this lifted stitch onto the left-needle tip, knit the first two stitches together (the first stitch on the left needle together with the lifted stitch from the round below), return the color-change marker to the needle (effectively moving it one stitch to the left), then knit to the end of the round--the stitch lifted from below will completely cover the original stitch of the new color.
To fit: age 6 - 8; 9 to 11; adult 2.5mm Crotchet hook Rib cast off: Slip every other stitch onto another needle, so that you have the purl stitches on one needle and the knit stitches on another.
TIP: Sew a decorative stitch onto ribbon, and then add it to any project for extra embellishment.