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There are many ways to turn a test stitch into a project.
The theme, choice of colours, mixing of coloured strands, decisions about which stitches to use; the scope for messing it up is quite wide!
Turn the seam allowance under about 1/4" and stitch the turned edge onto itself to secure it.
Using hand blanket stitch and matching floss, applique B to A.
I reminded him of what he had told me: that Stitch is an alien that crash-landed on Earth.
Later that year, Gwendolyn stitched a small Christmas tree topped with a red button, which we made into a pillow ornament.
The more you know about stitch structure and how grafting relates to it, the better you will be able to graft any type of seam you encounter.
(For the "Gramma" and "Mimi" tags, I used a running stitch around the tag, which leaves a dash pattern.
He said that it was really very difficult for most of the poor people to stitch cloth on these rates.
I strung the bunches on a deerskin thong attached to the rawhide and sewed the bunches down with a stitch between each bunch, precisely the same as you do when stitching down a line of beads in overlay beadwork.
Jean Leinhauser & Mary Ann Frits' Crochet Stitch Guide is a dandy for needle work enthusiasts.
At ITMA 2015 Erhardt+Leimer will present a new drop stitch matrix sensor for web guiding in conjunction with tube slitters.
Then bring the two points at the top of each side seam together and stitch them to the knitting at the centre of the imaginary line joining them.