stir to

stir to (something)

1. To cause liquid, substance, or mixture to enter some state by stirring. A noun or pronoun is used between "stir" and "to." He stirred the milk to a steaming froth. You must stir the mixture to a thick, viscous consistency before it is ready to be spread on the cake.
2. To excite, rouse, or provoke someone into some state or condition. A noun or pronoun is used between "stir" and "to." The politician stirred the crowd to a frenzy with her rhetoric. His invigorating words stirred us all to action.
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stir someone (in)to something

to excite someone into doing something. The events of the day stirred everyone into action. The danger stirred them to action.
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Add 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into 1-inch strips and stir to coat with mixture.
4 Pour the sauce over the stir-fried chicken and vegetables and stir to combine.
Sprinkle in flour and paprika, stir to coat the meat, and cook, stirring occasionally, until any raw flour taste has cooked off, about 1 to 2 minutes.
Meanwhile, cook the rice for 2 minutes in the microwave, then add to the wok and stir to combine.
Add the pinches of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves and stir to combine.
If they start sticking add the water and stir to form a paste.
Add 12 ounces dried thin Asian wheat noodles or dried vermicelli pasta and stir to separate.
Add remaining broth, milk, and pumpkin; stir to scrape browned bits free.
Add broth and apple butter; stir to free browned drippings.