stir (one's) stumps

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stir (one's) stumps

1. To start moving. "Stumps" are a slang term for "legs." You kids have been sitting around playing video games all day—it's time to get outside and stir your stumps!
2. To increase one's pace while doing some activity. Stir your stumps! We've got to move faster if we want to finish our run before sundown.
See also: stir, stump

stir your stumps

(of a person) begin to move or act. British informal , dated
Stump has been used as an informal term for ‘leg’ since the 15th century; the expression itself dates from the mid 16th century.
See also: stir, stump

stir your ˈstumps

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) begin to move; hurry: You stir your stumps and get ready for school, my girl!
Stump is an informal word for ‘leg’.
See also: stir, stump
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Ten days before nominations closed, the grand total of staff that trainers and stud owners could stir their stumps to put up for Godolphin's glittering prizes was eight.
Why the David Lynns, Steve Websters and Barry Lanes of the Tour, players who could really do with a victory however easy the pickings, cannot stir their stumps for a pounds 47,000 payday is a mystery, particularly as the course comes highly recommended.
Given the intoxicating excitement of events last weekend, we did not spend much time discussing form, but we are now edging closer to the climactic event of the European racing year - the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in a fortnight's time when even the notoriously apathethic Parisians stir their stumps and actually go to the races.