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without stint

Generously or liberally. I think we should promote Trish, especially considering that she always gave her time without stint when we needed help with that project.
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do something without ˈstint

(written) do something generously and in large amounts: She praises her pupils without stint.
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MARTIN PETERS Moved into the insurance business after retiring from football in 1983, following 67 England caps and lengthy stints with West Ham, Tottenham and Norwich.
Similarly, Sodhi, who had travelled to Italy for a month- long stint in August, has been denied funding to train in Munich, Germany, after the ministry officials apparently told him that he first needs to submit his bills from Italy before thinking of embarking on another trip abroad.
Ms Ball described the dunting' as "quite an experience" and said she intends to eventually bequeath her stint to her great nephew Zakk Hudson, 16, from Ashington.
Fabienne's first stint was 3rd in line at 3:30pm, each stint was only 30 min so it was quite hectic but consistent throughout for Fabienne.
HIS stint as a commentator with the BBC for Euro 2012 seems to have driven Clarence Seedorf out of Europe.
A long first stint - which took him all the way up to second place at one point - was a vital ingredient in boosting former World Champion Kimi Raikkonen from 18th place on the grid to a points-scoring seventh, which he claimed for Lotus on the final lap.
AHA' MOMENT: Her stint as a trader with Prime Broking, which made her realise that her specialty was operations.
Arn's descriptions of the third and fourth stints evoke Charles' court at Blois as a hub of poetic composition.
The stints of copying in chapters 3 and 4 are both dated from the mid-1440s to the mid-1450s, by which time the poet has returned to France.
William Giles' career included stints as an editor at the Journal, executive editor of the News, and managing editor of the Times, where he worked from 1997 until he retired in 2002.
The biggest lesson I learnt during the county stint was to keep the ball further up to the bat.
At the end of the stint, Kirkaldy came in to hand over to team-mate Nathan Kinch in sixth place, the team opting for drivers to run single stints in the sweltering conditions.
The recent stints of volunteer Bill Korstad, who retired in 2003 as CEO of Unitime Systems, based in Boulder, Colo.
Hinting that repeated stints in space had left him jaded,Dr Foale said he was now looking for ``a new aim, a new challenge''.