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without stint

Generously or liberally. I think we should promote Trish, especially considering that she always gave her time without stint when we needed help with that project.
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do something without ˈstint

(written) do something generously and in large amounts: She praises her pupils without stint.
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MARTIN PETERS Moved into the insurance business after retiring from football in 1983, following 67 England caps and lengthy stints with West Ham, Tottenham and Norwich.
We lost a lot of laps and at the end of my stint, the driver in front of me in the fueling area drove off and took the fuel rig with him, so we sent our next driver out with an almost empty tank while the organisers fixed the fuelling station.
5 seconds per lap, the way in which they used the tyres was different - with some drivers favouring two stints on the soft tyre and others preferring two stints on the medium.
Considered as an official known for his no-nonsense approach, Mathai was very much dedicated to the interests of the community members during his Doha stint, recalled legal activist Nizar Kochery.
And asked whether her stint on the programme had made her more liberal or tolerant, she said emphatically: "No.
Lohan has twice been released early because of overcrowding, with her longest jail stay a 14-day stint on a 90-day sentence earlier this summer.
Summary: Vaishali Kasture's CV bristles with big names and key postings -Citibank, then stints with HP (formerly EDS) business MphasiS and in Japan and Hong Kong.
Arn here contests studies that date the first stint to after 1440, the date of Charles' return to England (pp.
The next four chapters detail the four stints of copying that the manuscript underwent while in the possession of Charles d'Orleans, and each stint of copying is assigned an approximate date so as to avoid the pitfalls of absolute certainty.
IT appears as if Pakistan batting sensation Mohammad Yousuf signed up for a stint with English county side Lancashire at just the right time.
The biggest lesson I learnt during the county stint was to keep the ball further up to the bat.
The show--directed by Joey McKneely, choreographer of "The Boy From Oz" and the Public's "Wild Party"--also will visit Vienna, Zurich, and two cities in Germany before a stint at Sadler's Wells in London in the summer of 2008.
A long-term veteran of the commercial real estate industry, Aronson returns to Jones Lang LaSalle after a recent stint with Trammell Crow Company.
After a short and largely unsuccessful stint with Capitol Records, Reed abandoned California for South America, where, inexplicably, his singles were outselling those of Elvis Presley.