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It hasn't been made yet and we don't know who'll be Mr Stink.
That's good news overall, but for kids in Brian's situation, well, it just kind of stinks.
As the next evolution to the Secret Mean Stinks program, the hub brings together expert and peer 'nice advice' to help girls keep this school year 'drama free.
Bullied 12-year-old Chloe (Lotte Gilmore) taking a curious interest in Mr Stink (Peter Edbrook) a sweet, homeless man with a mysterious past and convinces her posh family to let him stay in their garden shed.
MR STINK the hilarious new children's novel by David Walliams, pounds 12.
Secret Deodorant Steps up Their Battle against Bullying - Announces Demi Lovato as New Mean Stinks Ambassador and Creates a Year-Long Anti-Bullying Program (Photo: Business Wire)
A mystery stench is causing a stink in Cardiff Bay.
After hearing Sacred Trust, the Xmas single by One True Voice, the popular singer from the BBC1 show blasted: "It stinks.
TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson has dismissed rumours that he stinks.
Pryor must think: What if this team stinks for the next decade, no matter how many Cy Young and MVP awards I rack up?
You couldn't find a better community anywhere else and to say Splott stinks was disgusting.
What's needed is an effective odour-busting, cooling foot spray to stop stinks in their tracks.
Scotland's agent Mike Berry said:'If this is British justice then it stinks.
The Los Angeles City Council voting on a resolution on the impending war is the same as installing a brand new commode on a stopped-up sewer line: It still stinks, but hey it looks good.
This is quite true, as my mother's flat stinks because of the smokers upstairs.