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stimulate (someone or something) into (doing) (something)

1. To rouse, incite, or excite someone or some group into performing some action or entering some condition. I suggest introducing various incentives to stimulate your employees into greater productivity. The enormous success of the ground-breaking film series has stimulated the movie industry into producing a rash similar franchises.
2. To cause some part of the body, such as a nerve, muscle, organ, etc., to perform some activity or adopt some status through the introduction of some stimulus. We can use this drug to stimulate the cells into reproducing at a much faster rate. A small electric current can be effective in stimulating nerves back into proper function.
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stimulate (someone or an animal) into something

to excite or cause someone or an animal to do something. The promises of bonuses stimulated the workers into higher productivity for the week. The morning light stimulates the birds into singing.
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Therefore, an unanticipated expansionary policy shock [([[alpha].sub.0], [[alpha].sub.1]) = (1,0), solid line] in period 1 reduces the nominal rate in most simulations, so the shock on average is stimulative.
One third of those approached were asked to submit one sedative and one stimulative selection, one third to submit two sedative selections and one third to submit two stimulative selections.
So, perhaps it may be better to pose the question another way: Under what conditions are natural disasters likely to be net stimulative?
Based on the literature reviewed, it is hypothesized that there is a significant effect of certain types of music (classical or soft and fast or stimulative) on the duration of the second stage of labor among primigravida.
The stimulative effects should be independently researched and evaluated.
The results were in the expected direction; grip strength following the stimulative music was significantly higher than in the other two conditions.
But equally remarkable was that the coalition organized itself according to the position that the federal government should incur a stimulative fiscal deficit to address a rapidly declining economy.
Ben Nelson and Susan Collins worked to scrub some less plausibly stimulative stuff from the Senate bill.
The second consequence is to complicate the Central Banks' response to slowing growth and the credit crisis, since the call for more stimulative policies is in contradiction to their commitments to keep inflation under control at low levels.
''We expect economic activity to strengthen in the second half of the year, in part as the result of stimulative monetary and fiscal policies,'' he said.
We're coming off a period of dangerously low inflation, and the Fed is moving from an extraordinarily stimulative monetary policy stance designed as defense against potentially destructive deflation in the U.S.
Unlike in the US, mortgage interest payments are usually not tax deductible (except for some temporary deductions put in as a stimulative measure in 1999).
Policy, influenced by the New Economics, remained excessively stimulative and contributed to rising inflation.
In a news release, the AGC says the bill will "have a stimulative effect on the national economy."
While the mutual influence of texts and images is acknowledged, she stresses that written words have less immediate stimulative impact than either spoken words, as in the form of a sermon in which the speaker imparts a mood or emphasis, or in striking visual images.