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stimulate (someone or something) into (doing) (something)

1. To rouse, incite, or excite someone or some group into performing some action or entering some condition. I suggest introducing various incentives to stimulate your employees into greater productivity. The enormous success of the ground-breaking film series has stimulated the movie industry into producing a rash similar franchises.
2. To cause some part of the body, such as a nerve, muscle, organ, etc., to perform some activity or adopt some status through the introduction of some stimulus. We can use this drug to stimulate the cells into reproducing at a much faster rate. A small electric current can be effective in stimulating nerves back into proper function.
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stimulate (someone or an animal) into something

to excite or cause someone or an animal to do something. The promises of bonuses stimulated the workers into higher productivity for the week. The morning light stimulates the birds into singing.
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Thyrotropin- Hypothalamus Stimulates the release of TSH
While calcium provides raw material for bone growth, other, unknown substances in milk appear to directly stimulate the activity of osteoblasts, the cells that form new bone.
Listening to music and telling stories stimulate elders to resurrect these memories and focus on what remains.
Briefly, adult female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and implanted with 20-[micro]g estradiol-containing beeswax pellets to promote nuclear ER retention and stimulate nuclear type II sites (Markaverich et al.
Some cleansing herbs work in obvious ways, for example, bitter herbs that stimulate liver function, or herbs that increase urine production in the kidneys, or diaphoretic herbs that cause sweating, kind of an herbal sauna.
Still other receptor mutations allow nonandrogens (such as the estrogens) and even androgen inhibitors to stimulate cancer growth.
The massage action is often combined with other elements of complex decongestive therapy, which can include dietary changes, skin and nail care to prevent infection, therapeutic exercise, special compression sleeves stockings, and other garments, and lightbeam generators to stimulate the lymphatic system.
This initiative will unite interdisciplinary teams of researchers with expertise in innate immunity, mucosal immunity, and protozoan microbiology to stimulate scientifically sound, original research that will advance the field and encourage productive interactions among Principal Investigators.
They show that cells damaged by heat, chemicals, or radiation increase production of this compound and that it stimulates the activity of the cells that launch an immune response.
"Platelet-derived CD154 may be the link that stimulates these pathogenic antibody responses," he says.
2001; Lambe and Tugwood 1996), and MEHP stimulates the transcriptional activity of both human and rodent PPAR[gamma] (Maloney and Waxman 1999).
Their experiments show that oxygen stimulates another reaction in which an enzyme in peat, phenol oxidase, helps break down the phenolic compounds.
Millions of people live with cells carrying genetic mutations that could lead to cancer, but the cells don't develop into tumors unless something stimulates them.
It's this current that stimulates brain-cell activity.