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stimulate (someone or something) into (doing) (something)

1. To rouse, incite, or excite someone or some group into performing some action or entering some condition. I suggest introducing various incentives to stimulate your employees into greater productivity. The enormous success of the ground-breaking film series has stimulated the movie industry into producing a rash similar franchises.
2. To cause some part of the body, such as a nerve, muscle, organ, etc., to perform some activity or adopt some status through the introduction of some stimulus. We can use this drug to stimulate the cells into reproducing at a much faster rate. A small electric current can be effective in stimulating nerves back into proper function.
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stimulate (someone or an animal) into something

to excite or cause someone or an animal to do something. The promises of bonuses stimulated the workers into higher productivity for the week. The morning light stimulates the birds into singing.
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In order to stimulate capital investment, TEI urges Congress to enact legislation to permit taxpayers to deduct additional first-year depreciation basis for qualified property placed in service after September 10, 2001.
"While we don't foresee that the keyboard and mouse will become obsolete anytime soon," says STIMULATE project leader James Flanagan, "MIM technology opens possibilities for improving current computer applications and for developing entirely new ones that require more-refined modes of human-computer interaction."
3 The electrodes stimulate the brain cells that control sight.
"This finding indicates that, as well as providing a route for axons to travel past the injury site, our cellular bridges must contain specific factors to stimulate distant nerve cells to respond."
They block hormonal actions and metabolic pathways associated with cancer evolution, stimulate enzymes that flush out carcinogens and suppress the growth and division of cancer cells.
We attempt to stimulate the target muscle complex with constant tension throughout the fullest range of motion (safely) possible.
But if they were to stimulate the economy, the majority (57 percent) would use the investment tax credit; 50 percent would reduce the capital gains tax rate.
The biotechnology industry has great potential to improve the health of the people of this country and to stimulate economic growth.
A nationwide survey of 1,400 CPA tax practitioners conducted by the American Institute of CPAs'tax division disclosed that many tax proposals now under consideration would do little to stimulate economic growth.
The Greater Vine City Opportunities Program and Stimulate America Inc.
Other proteins, broadly known as neurotrophic factors, stimulate some axon growth.
The compounds (Figure 1) were synthesized and found to stimulate MCF-7 human breast cancer proliferation in vitro and block sexual behavior in male rats (Mani et al.
Biodynamic growers use nine medicinal herbal, compost, and mineral preparations to enliven the soil and stimulate plant growth.
The best positions to try are ones that stimulate that front wall such as entry from behind.
The state will invest $20 million in the "New York Main Street Program" which should stimulate downtown revitalization in communities across the State.