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Ben Weatherstaff's crabbed old face was still wet with that one queer rush of tears.
He had even thought of retreating beyond a curvature in the natural wall, which might still conceal him and his companions, when by the sudden gleam of intelligence that shot across the features of the savage, he saw it was too late, and that they were betrayed.
I could not eat, I could not sit still, I could not continue steadfast to anything.
Twas the best shooting he had yet done, but there was still the smallest of spaces left--if you looked closely--at the very center.
When, however, he got within earshot, he began to hear the surf thundering up against the rocks, for the swell still broke against them with a terrific roar.
Martin drove, meditatively, around the school-house and was still engrossed in the problem of "Who?
The blood still pulsed from his shattered temple and jaw, but it was the only part of him that moved like a living thing.
Meanwhile Esmeralda's dagger and the goat's horns were still upon the defensive.
I do wish Peter would come back," every one of them said nervously, though in height and still more in breadth they were all larger than their captain.
Juag was still run-ning in plain sight ahead of the bull.
The dust of the raiders was still a long distance away.
He was shamed by his weakness, and when he had handed the paper she had given him to the British chief of staff, even though the information it contained permitted the British to frustrate a German flank attack, he was still much dissatisfied with himself.
Still clad as he was in the mantle and wimple of an old woman, Til did not, at first, recognize him, and when he spoke she burst into a nervous, cackling laugh, as one caught in the perpetration of some questionable act, nor did her manner escape the shrewd notice of the wily master of fence.
By stooping close, still on man-back, he managed to pass through the low doorway.
While all this, along with many other noises, squealings of boat- boys and shouts of Borckman, was impacting on Jerry's ear-drums, he was still sliding down the steep deck of his new and unstable world.