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He returned from these sojourns refreshed, whether "nowhere" meant practising stillness at home, visiting a monastery or claiming the hours of a long flight for no agenda at all.
Always a photographer's favourite reflecting the stillness and mood of the day.
Each element of her work--its form, finish and subject expressed--illustrates a paradox of stillness representing motion.
Beauty's only wisdom is an awareness that stillness, its own
But, you know, behind the stillness there's this electric energy.
Masdar recalls Jane Jacobs' description, in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, of a commercial district that falls into a "deathlike stillness.
This turbulence is then allayed into poems of stillness wherein the effects of prior commotion are realized.
In Stillness is highly recommended, especially to help soothe fussy sleepers.
Alam's body of work is about the balance between stillness and movement.
The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing and Happiness in the 21st Century includes stillness session meditation and music on an accompanying CD as it discusses ancient wisdom and healing traditions with resources applicable to all ages and ethnic groups.
A veranda, thatched roof, an angan, a charpoy, rocking chair , the forest before and stillness beyond stillness .
It is not a case of taking a break, but rather that politicians, like other people, get very little stillness in their lives.
thousands more In contract, Col Price's picture of a buoy is the very essence of stillness.
SILENCE AND STILLNESS WALKED the banks of a river I knew as a child, In places of industry there were weeds growing wild Where once was a slipway, that door to the Tyne, Was now silence and stillness of the dole-maker's design It is hard to believe that those skills handed down In the deep pool of the jobless as a backwater to drown No longer the staccato rap of the river driven in Like the welders dark sky flash, now consigned to the bin That dinner time hoots that called men to eat Played hours later to the sound of exiting feet A skyline once filled with the movement of cranes Now completely removed not even rusting remains Perhaps old men now stand with tears in the eye And ponder the questions "how?