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In my work, I have termed this effort for stillness "attentional alignment." I call it attentional alignment, because when our attention is out of sorts, the rest of our lives fall apart.
One is not expected to be able to pray unless one is able to create stillness around him.
Lewisham council is seeking a design team that can take forward plans to repurpose space within stillness junior school to provide a new kitchen and dining hall.
Atmosphere, ambiance, stillness, public space, non-representational theory, Stokes Croft
Expressionistic but rigid, this arching matte metal object towers crisply over its viewer, evoking the most sublime of waves and harboring with absolute stillness the destructive force of a wall of cascading water.
For anyone who's ever pondered the secret life of a forest or aspired to be an unseen observer among the trees, Joe Rosenblatt's poetry collection The Bird in the Stillness: Forest Devotionals will prove both illuminating and delightful.
This revealing fact was narrated by international essayist, novelist and travel writer Pico Iyer to the attendees of the World Government Summit today (Tuesday) while holding a session on 'Stillness in the Digital Age'.
The depiction of the "adventure," especially "the stillness of the midnight sky," is quite effective.
He returned from these sojourns refreshed, whether "nowhere" meant practising stillness at home, visiting a monastery or claiming the hours of a long flight for no agenda at all.
Each element of her work--its form, finish and subject expressed--illustrates a paradox of stillness representing motion.
Beauty's only wisdom is an awareness that stillness, its own
He added: "That doesn't mean when they act on screen there isn't that incredible stillness. But, you know, behind the stillness there's this electric energy.
Masdar recalls Jane Jacobs' description, in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, of a commercial district that falls into a "deathlike stillness...after
Synopsis: "Redevolver", the first poetry book by Phillip Rodenbeck, posits our personal and universal histories as products of a cycle between frenzy, stillness, and absence.
In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages is a soothing music CD created to help kids and adults relax.