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Lewisham council is seeking a design team that can take forward plans to repurpose space within stillness junior school to provide a new kitchen and dining hall.
Eliot and Psalm 46 to show that stillness is a deliberate action in an endlessly moving world.
This paper studies atmospheres of stillness in a contested urban public space known as the 'Bearpit'.
Summary: Internationally renowned travel writer Pico Iyer urges attendees of World Government Summit to embrace stillness
He returned from these sojourns refreshed, whether "nowhere" meant practising stillness at home, visiting a monastery or claiming the hours of a long flight for no agenda at all.
Marlise Karlin; THE SIMPLICITY OF STILLNESS METHOD; Watkins (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 15.
Always a photographer's favourite reflecting the stillness and mood of the day.
Beauty's only wisdom is an awareness that stillness, its own
But when walking through the show, what I saw was stillness in the East and movement in the West.
But, you know, behind the stillness there's this electric energy.
Masdar recalls Jane Jacobs' description, in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, of a commercial district that falls into a "deathlike stillness.
This turbulence is then allayed into poems of stillness wherein the effects of prior commotion are realized.
In Stillness is highly recommended, especially to help soothe fussy sleepers.
Alam's body of work is about the balance between stillness and movement.
Heffernan's principle of "envoicing" is virtually complementary to Krieger's "still movement," emphasizing that the work of visual art in a poem is able to "cross the line between graphic and verbal representation, between the fixed, silent beauty of graphic stillness and the audible movement of speech"(308).