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During that time, every form of heating was turned up to its maximum and on the stillest days our lights, TVs and all other power driven appliances continued to function thanks to our power suppliers.
Even the stillest and emptiest of frames is inhabited, even the most sterile of environments comes alive with sound and movement.
Thine is the stillest night Dein ist die stillste Nacht
Arctic Magic lay still at Taunton on Tuesday, the stillest thing in vision as the remaining runners slugged it out up the run-in and human assistance came her way.
This above all--ask yourself in the stillest hour of your night: must I write?
Take the shot: Today's quietest bows shooting mid-weight arrows are so hushed that on all but the stillest days deer barely hear them and are less likely to react to the shot.
There is also some new glass sculpture; the outsides of these works are rough and opaque, the insides smooth like the stillest water.