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For it is, even with the stillest and politest circles, as with the circle the necromancer draws around him--very strange appearances may be seen in active motion outside.
There is a sudden wind among those stones that casts men down on the stillest day.
The greatest events--they are not our noisiest but our stillest hours.
Billesley's famed slope, plus the prevailing force-nine gale which howls round the ground on even the stillest of days, makes Moseley's home one of the harder venues for away teams to adapt to.
Two of his subjects are real: the fastidious Oxford mathematician Charles Dodgson, whom Mark Twain found to be "the stillest and shyest full-grown man I ever met"; and his child-muse Alice Liddell.
Our Wheelie Bin What is our wheelie bin thinking As it stands outside our house As still as the stillest statue As quiet as the quietest mouse?
A firehouse alarm sounds in the darkest, stillest part of the night.
Not even sleep Dare invalidate the deep, Universal pleasure sex Must unto itself annex-- Even the stillest sleep; at peace, More profound with rest's increase, She enjoys the good Of delicious womanhood.
It was Ken, also, who once described Brian as the, "quietest, stillest man I have ever met".