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stigmatize (someone or something) as (something)

To characterize or label someone or something as being something considered disgraceful, shameful, or contemptible. She has spent the entire election trying to stigmatize her opponent as a weakling. Just because you're a total prude doesn't give you the right to stigmatize other people as sluts!
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stigmatize someone as something

to brand or label someone as something. The opposition will try to stigmatize you as a spendthrift. Tony was stigmatized as a poor loser.
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Two methods for reduction of self- stigmatization have developed.
Nabarro said "each human being has a role to try to reduce the stigmatization and to recognize that is really unfair."
In Namibia, the stigmatization of HIV-positive people is still very strong, and as in Sweden it is often connected to perceptions of an immoral or lascivious lifestyle.The stigma could lead to fear and shame of getting tested, which will lead to positive persons not going for antiretroviral treatment.The consequences of the disease reach way beyond the physical ill health.The stigma worsens the situation for HIV-positive persons when it leads to a loss of income, loss of family, loss of personal reputation and loss of hope.
Stigmatization, or the application of stigma, is a negative social response to a perceived flaw that involves mechanisms such as labeling, stereotyping, separation, and discrimination (Stuber, Meyer & Link 2008; Link & Phelan 2001).
Abortion stigmatization, the ascription of "negative attribute[s] ...
She thus argues, in roughly the first half of the book, that racial segregation is to blame not only for the vast material inequalities in income, wealth, and access to opportunities for education and employment, but also in creating and furthering harmful stigmatization of racial groups.
They cover seniors' understanding and knowledge about aging in different parts of the world; illness, dignity, and stigmatization; embodiments and disembodiments; and practices and policies.
Speaking at the headquarters of the pan-Arab organization, Azoulay said that the Anna Lindh Foundation has chosen to "make the dialogue of cultures in the service of education policy to resist the vestiges of stigmatization and the excesses of ideological and philosophical repression that weaken today many Western societies." He also highlighted the modernity and universality of values, which "are the keystone of the new political, social and cultural regeneration that is taking place in the Arab World." In this regard, Azoulay described as "historic and decisive" constitutional reforms announced by HM the King in the Royal Speech of March 9.
"Discrimination, stigmatization and the exclusion of the gypsies are normal in most societies across Europe," Weiz said before the German legislative chamber, pointing out Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and France as examples.
10:00 Unesco Regional Office and Educational Center for development and Research sign a cooperation memorandum over the elimination of gender stigmatization of Young Women in textbooks at Unesco Regional main office - Bir Hassan, from the Sport's city
Furthermore, stigmatization salience and organizational climate for heterosexism predict levels of workplace outness.
Contrary to literature depicting people affected by leprosy as doomed to stigmatization, (19,29) the narratives of our respondents indicate leprosy-related stigma was partial rather than total.
"We are putting an end to segregation and stigmatization of a sector of society, giving access to full marriage rights," said David Razu, a legislator from the Social Democratic Party.
The proposed rule also points out that barring entry to HIV-positive people "continues discriminatory practices and contributes toward the stigmatization of HIV-infected persons."