a sticky wicket

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a sticky wicket

A particularly awkward or difficult situation or circumstance. (Generally used with on. Refers to the pitch, i.e., wicket, used in the game of cricket and the difficulty of playing on one after it has been wetted with rain.) Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I found myself on a bit of a sticky wicket when the boss saw me kissing his daughter at the cinema. I'll be batting on a sticky wicket if I arrive at the train station and don't have enough money for the tickets!
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a sticky wicket

1 a pitch that has been drying out after rain and is therefore difficult to bat on. Cricket 2 a tricky or awkward situation. informal
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(be on) a ˌsticky ˈwicket

(British English, informal) a situation in which it is difficult to defend yourself against criticism or attack: Don’t be too confident about getting the contract. After our problems with the last one we’re on a sticky wicket there.
In the game of cricket, a sticky wicket is a playing area that is drying out after rain and so is more difficult for the person hitting the ball to play on.
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sticky wicket, (to bat on) a

To deal with a difficult situation that requires good judgment. The term comes from cricket, where it refers to soft or muddy ground around a wicket, which makes it difficult for the batsman because the ball does not bounce well. Although cricket is not well known in America, the term did cross the Atlantic in the 1920s. The National News-Letter used it in 1952, “Mr. Churchill was batting on a very sticky wicket in Washington.”
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This tie is a bit of a sticky wicket for them and hopefully we can make them suffer a little more.
"I'm thinking particularly of Kilmarnock as they are on a sticky wicket right now.
These will include the 1940sthemed Sticky Wicket Swing Orchestra, singer Maggie O' Hara and music hall-style entertainer Dave Sealey.
And it must have been a bit of a sticky wicket when baseball passed cricket in popularity here back in the 1800s.
KILLER John Stape find himself in a sticky wicket this week- after Fiz finds him in possession of Colin Fishwick's dead body.
The Sticky Wicket Syndicate headed by former England cricketer Chris Silverwood provided another great day out for its part owners at Yarmouth on Wednesday with Shelovestobouggie running a highly promising race on her debut in strong company.
Call recording seems to be a sticky wicket here in char if you have electronic recordings of telephone calls you may be required to share them during proceedings.
This is a sticky wicket you're trying to get through.
We're hoping people will come along and enjoy the atmosphere." Assistant Chief Constable Ian Shannon said the North Wales Fire & Rescue Service might be on a sticky wicket as he is sure his team has the edge.
But Middle East experts in Washington wonder how he is going to extricate himself from the sticky wicket he got himself into when - speaking at the pro-Israel AIPAC annual convention last month - he said Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel.
As one player solemnly recounts, when he wrote a term paper about his passion for cricket, his teacher had never even heard of the game, let alone the downfalls of a sticky wicket.
Privacy is a sticky wicket, and new laws have made things increasingly complicated.
NEW DELHI Cricket-mad Indians found themselves on a sticky wicket when it came to watching their national sport this month.
Storage management is particularly a sticky wicket. Storage managers are faced with managing multiple management applications, most of which do not speak to each other.
One administrator called the higher education issue "another sticky wicket to deal with."