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The enhanced digital presence also allows the agency to reach all areas of the commonwealth, creating a larger impact for the 13-year-old Project Sticker Shock program.
HealthPocket released an analysis of Obamacare deductibles not too long ago and found they're delivering a hefty sticker shock to consumers--an average increase of 40 percent from the average deductible for an individually purchased plan before the federal health care overhaul.
BEIRUT: The price tag isn't the only sticker shock that Beirut's fashionistas should consider when browsing the racks: Activists urge consumers to consider the environmental toll of their wardrobes.
In a contemporaneous news piece, Dan Rather called it a political commercial on "the sticker shock and future shock of deficit spending.
This expansion with Walmart allows us to provide our customers with our natural deodorant without the sticker shock," said Ted Allien, chief executive officer and founder of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.
LCC may not only get hit with Eugene Water & Electric Board electric bill sticker shock, but it would also be setting the wrong example of how electric vehicles should be integrated into the grid.
Discover why expats and visitors often get hit by a nasty case of sticker shock during their first spins around Swiss aisles.
Consumers are confronting sticker shock at the grocery store, while farmers insist they are not getting rich because their own costs, like diesel fuel, are up.
We run Sticker Shock every Sunday in our Forum section.
When the reports are issued, expect sticker shock and knee-jerk attempts to slash benefits or change current workers" and retirees" economic packages," cautions a report from NEA Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy (NEA CB/MA).
Thus, a $450 plastic gun is certainly more appealing, or at least alleviates sticker shock to an acceptable level.
All-in-all TREE is a sound concept that we need in order to avoid urban car insurance sticker shock.
Even for a firm used to doling out oodles of cash, Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn was hit with a stiff case of sticker shock when it learned of the stratospheric rent hike it would have to pay to remain in its current space at 520 Madison, where its lease was scheduled to expire next year.
Since most California agencies operate on a fiscal year that begins in July, and they are not required to fully report until the end of the fiscal year, sticker shock will not actually hit the fan until 2008.
FOR UNPREPARED PARENTS, A COLLEGE'S sticker shock can be pretty brutal.