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He finds markets that offer flexible payment options can help overcome "sticker shock." Other helpful markets are offering pay-by-the unit options, such as in the on-demand scooter space.
This cloud services sticker shock is often caused by mission-critical database applications, as these tend to be the most costly for a variety of reasons.
Moore said "sticker shock" has been a real issue for Chinese studios, particularly in paying for behind-the-camera talent.
WASHINGTON -- Inflation in medication costs eased last year due to spending controls and fewer new blockbusters, although there are still numerous cases of sticker shock.
Jon Kyi (R-Ariz.) stated openly that "Congress should fund operations in Iraq through emergency supplemental appropriations (because funding it through the regular appropriations process would unnecessarily inflate the defense budget)." Transparency in the Pentagon's finances, in other words, might lead to sticker shock and thus reduced support for the war effort.
The nearly $20,000 price tag could admittedly cause some sticker shock, but hey, it's a real-life hoverboard!
Although the central Arkansas market may not be described as 'hot' and we may not be experiencing the same level of sticker shock many landlords and investors across the U.S.
In addition to a ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL new look for the program's messaging, Project Sticker Shock participants will be able to take advantage of online training, event registration and post-event evaluation.
If you have been out to a pumpkin patch lately, you may be in for a sticker shock! While Halloween may not be ruined because of the poor pumpkin season, Thanksgiving pies may be in short supply.
She said developments byTsleil-Waututh Nation have included 100-year leases that residents "pay up front so you don't have a sticker shock. Most people would prefer that."
I went shopping for some deck balusters at a big-box store and came away with sticker shock. I knew there had to be a cheaper way to redo my deck!
The highest beef prices in almost three decades have arrived just before the start of grilling season, causing sticker shock for both consumers and restaurant owners--and relief is not likely anytime soon, explains Lee Schultz, assistant professor of economics at Iowa State University, Ames.
This week I signed up for two courses--one "live" and one on DVD--and am still suffering from sticker shock. The former was priced at $410, the latter a mere $302.
21 ( ANI ): After the initial sticker shock, market analysts and investors have been trying to make sense of the multi billion dollar acquisition deal between Facebook and WhatsApp and are cautiously optimistic of the future of the two companies.
Robert Stallard, analyst at RBC Capital Markets, said Boeing stock's decline reflected "initial sticker shock" at the numbers, particularly cash flow.