poke/stick your nose in/into something

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poke (one's) nose in(to) (something)

To involve or insert oneself in an intrusive or nosy manner into something that is not one's business or responsibility. I wish our neighbors would quit poking their noses in and just leave us alone! Don't poke your nose into your brother's affairs—he can manage well enough on his own.
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poke your nose into something


stick your nose into something

COMMON If someone pokes their nose into something or sticks their nose into it, they interfere in something that does not concern them. He has no right to go poking his nose into my affairs. I felt that they were sticking their noses into what was only my business. Compare with keep your nose out of something.
See also: nose, poke, something

poke your nose into

take an intrusive interest in; pry into. informal
See also: nose, poke

poke/stick your nose in/into something

(informal) interfere in the affairs or business of other people: She’s always sticking her nose into other people’s affairs. It’s really annoying.What happens in this department does not concern him. Why does he have to poke his nose into everything all the time?
See also: nose, poke, something, stick
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On the palate the integrated tannins carry the spicy red cherry fruit to a soft, elegant conclusion in Neil Cammies STRAIGHT OFF THE VINE Stick your nose into the SPRING MOUNTAIN CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005 (pounds 12.65, www.bbr.com) and inhale the whiff of blackcurrant cassis supplemented by herbal notes and a touch of boxwood.