stick (one) with (someone or something)

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stick (one) with (someone or something)

To burden one with someone or something that is undesirable, troublesome, or irritating. I can't believe everyone else left and stuck me with the bill! They always stick us with the new interns, most of whom are barely old enough to drive themselves to work each morning.
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stick with (someone or something)

1. To remain loyal to, committed to, or supportive of someone or something. I said I would stick with my wife for better or for worse, and I meant it. So far, he's sticking with the same story he gave police. Her resume is impressive, but I think we should stick with Janet—she's got more experience and she already knows how the company works.
2. To continue or persist in doing, believing, or using something. I think we'll stick with our normal suppliers, but thanks for the offer. You should really stick with selling used cars, because your stand-up routine is terrible.
3. To remain in one's memory or thoughts. Wow, what a performance. That will stick with me for a long time.
4. To continue trying to do or achieve something, especially after initial failures, challenges, or setbacks. Often used an imperative, especially in the phrase "stick with it." If you really want to become a comic book artist, you have to stick with it! You can't just give up after your first rejection. I'm really glad I stuck with my exercise routine throughout my pregnancy.
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stick someone with someone or something

to burden someone with someone or something. The dishonest merchant stuck me with a faulty television set. John stuck me with his talkative uncle and went off with his friends.
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stuck with someone or something

burdened with someone or something; left having to care for or deal with someone or something. Please don't leave me stuck with your aunt. She talks too much. My roommate quit school and left me stuck with the telephone bill.
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stick with

Continue to support or be faithful to, as in They stuck with us through all our difficulties. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
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stuck with

Saddled or burdened with; also, unable to get rid of. For example, Once again Dean was stuck with the check for all of the dinner guests, or She's my sister-in-law so I'm stuck with her. [Mid-1800s]
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stick with

1. To stay with or remain loyal to someone or something: Stick with the person who has the map so you don't get lost. My friends stuck with me through the entire ordeal.
2. To remain consistent or loyal in one's behavior concerning something: He offered to loan me a chain saw, but I stuck with my ax.
3. To adhere to some plan; keep at something: The pianist stuck with the song until she had mastered it.
4. To remain in someone's thoughts or memory: That poem stuck with her, and she used it in a speech years later.
5. To give someone something or someone that is unwanted: My friends left the bar and stuck me with the bill. The dealer stuck us with shoddy merchandise that we can't sell. Our team got stuck with the worst player in the entire school.
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If you stick with someone who is unreliable and unpredictable, you are deluding yourself by thinking your future will be any different to what you have now.
Michael Carrick could slot in, so could Jack Wilshere, but Hodgson has already made one sexy gamble so I think it would be best to stick with someone who has more than 100 caps for a game like this.
And that's a fine balance between what's long enough and how long do you stick with someone for.
It's refreshing not to have to stick with someone else's kitchen.
"They need to stick with someone and it's probably a big reason why they're not up at the top of the table." Warnock has agreed a three-and-a-ha l f-yea r contract at Loftus Road after Rangers thrashed out a compensation package with the administrators at Selhurst Park.
Chelsea believe they can only enjoy glory on a regular basis if they stick with someone in charge for as long as a decade - and in Mourinho they are confident they have found their man.
You wouldn't stick with someone so long if you were not.''
I'd confided to my sister that we had sexual problems and she told our mum, who retorted that you couldn't expect any man to stick with someone who was frigid.
It's nearly the end of the week, so maybe you could share a bit of cheese on a stick with someone you'd like to get to know better - no matter what the reason.
Sunderland director of football Roberto De Fanti is close to Watford technical director Gianluca Nani and with so many Italians at the Stadium of Light there is a temptation to stick with someone of the same nationality.
So why stick with someone who means absolutely nothing to that audience?
Sunderland director of football Roberto di Fanti, charged with finding a new boss, is close to Watford technical director Gianluca Nani and with so many Italian players they could stick with someone of the same nationality.
Those reasons aren't good enough to stick with someone. Look deep inside yourself and work out what your reasons are for staying with this guy.
"Believe me, the club would never agree to stick with someone dangerous or inappropriate.