stick tongue out

stick (one's) tongue out

1. To protrude one's tongue out of one's mouth. Often done in a childishly mocking, contemptuous, or defiant manner. I stuck my tongue out to catch the snowflakes falling from the sky. She just stuck her tongue out when I told her to go do the dishes. The children kept sticking their tongues out at each other, then bursting into laughter.
2. By extension, to do something that openly mocks, flouts, or shows contempt for someone or something. The company continues to stick its tongue out at the government by refusing to comply with anti-corruption legislation. You can't just stick your tongue out at the rules like that and expect to get away with it scot-free!
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stick one's tongue out

Fig. to cause one's tongue to project outward. (A gesture of contempt.) Don't stick your tongue out at me! she stuck out her tongue at me!
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