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Of course I'm not talking about saveloys or eels and mash but home cooked-style stick to your ribs, warm your belly, southern soul food.
This will include "generous portions of stick to your ribs dishes" served at the table or bean bag/Lazy Boy along with a variety of newspapers and magazines, the hotel said.
Dreaming of a Nestle Drumstick, but don't want its 300 calories to stick to your ribs (or other areas)?
The box goes in the garbage, but the pizza goes in your mouth, and perhaps the marketing image will stick to your ribs.
I'm going to make chocolate cakes that stick to your ribs, I'm going to have two helpings of all my favourites, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.
Complex carbs for breakfast (such as the classic, oatmeal) will stick to your ribs and spread out the energy whereas donuts and sugary cereals will abandon you in an hour.
A breakfast of oatmeal may stick to your ribs, but it won't stick to your artery walls.
All that sweet and saucy gossip should stick to your ribs and keep you going for awhile, ladybug.
Their sweetish flavour and soft, floury texture make this soup really stick to your ribs.
In the first of our Dish of the Week series, we bring you recipes that are really on the boil - for soups guaranteed to stick to your ribs and keep out the cold.