put/stick the boot in

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put the boot in

1. To kick someone over and over again, especially after they have already been knocked down. Security footage showed the three teenagers knocking a man to the ground and putting the boot in for nearly 20 minutes.
2. By extension, to make an unfortunate or unpleasant situation even worse; to add insult to injury. The star player's ban from the match really put the boot in for fans who were already suffering from a humiliating defeat.
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put the boot in

1. If someone puts the boot in, they say very critical or unkind things about someone or something. Mr Carman uses his outstanding ability with language to put the boot in. Note: You can also say that someone puts the boot into someone or something. There's no one quite like an unpublished novelist for putting the boot into established reputations. Note: The verb stick is sometimes used instead of put. Instead of sticking the boot into those in poverty, the Prime Minister should give everyone an equal share of the cake.
2. If someone puts the boot in, they attack another person by kicking them. Policemen who are tempted to put the boot in occasionally will have to be more careful in future.
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put the boot in

treat someone brutally, especially when they are vulnerable. British informal
The literal sense is ‘kick someone hard when they are already on the ground’.
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put/stick the ˈboot in

(British English, informal)
1 kick somebody very hard, especially when they are on the ground
2 say or do something cruel or unfair to somebody, especially when they have already been harmed in some other way: She was upset about losing her job and then her sister started putting the boot in, telling her she was lazy.
See also: boot, put, stick
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CONTROVERSIAL Green TD Paul Gogarty has admitted that he would 'stick the boot in' to political rivals - in the same way as Fianna Fail Deputy Willie O'Dea.
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