stick in your craw

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stick in (one's) craw

To rankle or irritate one. It really sticks in my craw that he would lie and take all the credit for my idea!
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stick in your craw


stick in the craw

If something sticks in your craw or sticks in the craw, you cannot accept it because it upsets you or you think it is wrong. What really sticks in my craw is the way the competition ended. There are those for whom Lapierre's appetite for self-publicity sticks in the craw.
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stick in your craw

make you angry or irritated.
Literally, this phrase means ‘stick in your throat’. A craw is the crop of a bird or insect; the transferred sense of the word to refer to a person's gullet, originally humorous, is now almost entirely confined to this expression. Compare with stick in your gizzard (at gizzard).
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stick in your ˈthroat/ˈcraw/ˈgullet

(informal) if something sticks in your throat, it is difficult or impossible to agree with or accept: It really sticks in my throat that I get paid less than the others for doing the same job.
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The thing that may stick in the craw of many former steelworkers, especially on Teesside, is the Tory government putting multi millions into British Steel when the same government hid behind dubious EU restriction rules when it came to keeping steelmaking afloat at Redcar SSI plants.
This is not illegal but it will stick in the craw of the million people on social housing waiting list, the hundreds of thousands trying to get a foot on the property ladder and the 80,000 families living in temporary accommodation.
The fact that homes, health care etc will be on hand for them must stick in the craw of indigenous Scots who have been waiting many years for a home of their own.
But to see Wales' biggest local authority shelling out more than PS53,000 to recruit a chief executive - who, it mustn't be forgotten, was a respected former member of staff rather than an unknown quantity - will stick in the craw for many taxpayers.
STARRING: Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Justin Long, Maggie Q most mainstream, feel-good hit to date - except perhaps in Liverpool, where it could stick in the craw of the Anfield faithful.
Authenticity is a word that seems to stick in the craw of any Russian company.
The moving stairs have been dogged with problems since January, but the solution will stick in the craw of the paying public.
The requirement to sell you parts must stick in the craw of the manufacturers.
To see the disgraced figures who caused it all now living the high life as they count their vast pension pots will stick in the craw for millions of Brits whose wages have still not returned to their pre-crash levels.
That treatment will stick in the craw of the workers of Dalzell, Clydebridge and in Scunthorpe who will lose their jobs.
Well, it might stick in the craw of many a fan, but this Christmas should be a time of goodwill to former chairman Mike McGinnity.
"Everywhere we go, people we play can't believe we lost to Lydney and it's beginning to stick in the craw a bit," said Nuneaton's team manager Paul Vowles.
It must stick in the craw of these public service heroes that some of those, especially the Tories, who praised them so freely yesterday are the same Tories who reduce their pay, cut their pensions and slash their jobs.
It's not so much the cheating that must stick in the craw but the sordid stories of car-park trysts, alleged pillpopping for sexual pleasure and other tawdry claims, the most worrying of which is how the word condom didn't figure much in his repertoire.