stick in craw

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stick in (one's) craw

To rankle or irritate one. It really sticks in my craw that he would lie and take all the credit for my idea!
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stick in your ˈthroat/ˈcraw/ˈgullet

(informal) if something sticks in your throat, it is difficult or impossible to agree with or accept: It really sticks in my throat that I get paid less than the others for doing the same job.
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stick in (one's) craw

To cause one to feel abiding discontent and resentment.
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stick in one's craw, to

To be so offensive or disagreeable that one cannot swallow it. This expression is the modern version of stick in one’s gizzard, gullet, or crop, all referring to portions of an animal’s digestive system. Their figurative use dates from the late seventeenth century. Jonathan Swift recorded one in Polite Conversation (1738): “Don’t let that stick in your gizzard.” Dickens used still another in a letter in 1843: “Your dedication to Peel stuck in my throat.” More recently Martin Cruz Smith wrote, “Doesn’t it stick in your craw that you got absolutely nowhere in the investigation?” (Wolves Eat Dogs, 2004).
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