stick in

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stick in something

to remain embedded in something; to remain held in something. Do you think this will stick in the hole, or is it too small? A fish bone stuck in his throat for a while.
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References in classic literature ?
He had seen many of his kind go to their deaths before the loud noise made by the little black stick in the hands of the strange white ape who lived in that wonderful lair, and Kerchak had made up his brute mind to own that death-dealing contrivance, and to explore the interior of the mysterious den.
At the mention of each name, she had struck the table with her stick in a new place.
And as the split ends were all broken off, Levin clutched the thick ends in his finger, broke the stick in two, and carefully caught the end as it fell.
The point was that she was to stop for nothing, but to deliver the stick in all haste.
Now, what,' pursued the old fellow, in an inquisitive manner, carrying his knotted stick in his left arm as if it were a baby, 'what do they allow you now?
Granet leaned upon his stick in the background and watched her.