stick (one's) bib in

stick (one's) bib in

To involve oneself in an intrusive or nosy manner into something that is not one's business or responsibility. Primarily heard in Australia. I wish my neighbors would quit sticking their bibs in and just leave us alone! Liam, don't stick your bib in your brother's affairs—he can manage well enough on his own.
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stick your bib in


poke your bib in

If someone sticks their bib in or pokes their bib in, they interfere in a situation or an argument. I wish he wouldn't keep sticking his bib in. Note: You can also say that someone sticks their bib into something. They want to limit the right of unions to stick their bibs into disputes where none of their members is actually involved.
See also: bib, stick
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stick (or poke) your bib in

interfere. Australian & New Zealand informal
See also: bib, stick
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