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the/a (something) to end all (somethings)

That which outclasses or is more impressive than anything else of its kind could ever hope to be. Many people still believe that, from a technical filmmaking perspective, "Citizen Kane" is the film to end all films. I remember when we all thought this impressive machine was the computer to end all computers. Now it seems positively archaic compared to the devices we all use today.
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the something to end all sths

used to emphasize how large, important, exciting, etc. you think something is: The movie has a car chase to end all car chases.Many people said that World War I would be the war to end all wars.
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mansoni infected individuals yielded positive results in the LAMP assay while samples from individuals infected with the soil-transmitted helminths (STH) tested gave negative results in the assay.
Thus, the baseline data and information about STHs are important in addressing immediate health concerns and in monitoring health programs in the future that can strengthen interventions to reduce helminth infections.
During surveys 1-3, the standardized prevalences were 19.7%, 30.5%, and 46.5%, respectively, for clonorchiasis and 86.3%, 25.1%, and 7.0%, respectively, for STHs. The corresponding standardized prevalences were 69.8%, 13.8%, and 0.5% for roundworm infections; 55.7%, 11.2%, and 1.4% for whipworm infections; and 24.3%, 6.3%, and 5.3% for hookworm infections.
14/15 STHs with 2+ away Premier League credits from the 2013/14 season: Thursday 6 November at 8am.
In a survey that involved 390 participants in other parts of western Kenya, 76.2% had at least one STH, and it showed that hookworm infections were associated with lower hemoglobin, resulting in anaemia [11].
Similarly, soon after completing my main paper on the ESR-determined properties of STHs [15] for publication in the proceedings of the International Seminar Point Defects in Glasses (Riga, Latvia, July-August, 1991), my activities at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) were redirected toward radiation hardening of fiber optics for ITER diagnostics under a contract from the U.S.
Also, we frequently sent email and letter communications to STH's when CBA related news would occur.
1 shows that STHs were found in a total of 70% (178/252) of the subjects.
For example, recent deworming programs in school children for STH and schistosomiasis are being undertaken twice a year all over Ethiopia which might also minimize the new spread and burden of parasitic worms.
The study conducted by Aroian's team focused on hookworms, common STHs that are found in soil that has been contaminated with human feces.
But over the next few days he stayed utka sThs p" She had barely had chance to consider her options when, the next day, she started suffering cramps and spotting.
In addition to the above, and as per the ticket terms and conditions, Cup Final tickets will be allocated to STHs who are subscribed to the Autocup scheme with the following priority: 1.
Season ticket holders (STHs) and fan card holders (FCHs) who have supplied their fan card details to the ticket office to prove they have purchased tickets for a combination of a minimum of SIX home and away Champions League matches (excluding Toulouse qualifiers) will qualify for one ticket per qualifying fan card.