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fly in the face of ˈsth

(written) oppose or be the opposite of something that is usual or expected: Such a proposal is flying in the face of common sense.
See also: face, fly, of, sth

fall foul of ˈsb/ˈsth

do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something: They fell foul of the law by not paying their taxes.Try not to fall foul of Mr. Jones. He can be very unpleasant.
See also: fall, foul, of, Sb, sth

do justice to ˈsb/ˈsth


ˌdo somebody/something ˈjustice

say or do something which shows that you know or recognize the true value of somebody/something; show the true value of something: They were not hungry and couldn’t do justice to her excellent cooking.This picture doesn’t do him justice; he’s much better-looking in real life.
See also: justice, Sb, sth

ˌso much for ˈsb/ˈsth

1 used to show that you have finished talking about something: So much for the situation in the Far East. Now let’s turn our attention to South America.
2 used to suggest that something has not been useful or successful: She gave the job to the other manager. So much for all her promises to me.
See also: much, Sb, sth

in the name of ˈsb/ˈsth


in somebody’s/something’s ˈname

1 using the authority of somebody/something; as a representative of somebody/something: I arrest you in the name of the law.
2 used to give a reason or an excuse for doing something, often when what you are doing is wrong: new laws introduced in the name of national security
3 for somebody; showing that something officially belongs to somebody: The reservation was made in the name of Brown.The car is registered in my name.
See also: name, of, Sb, sth

in the nature of ˈsth

similar to something; a type of something; in the style of something: His speech was in the nature of an apology.
See also: nature, of, sth

now for ˈsb/ˈsth

used when turning to a fresh activity or subject: And now for some travel news.
See also: now, Sb, sth

be ˌoff for ˈsth

(informal) have a particular amount of something: How are we off for coffee (= how much have we got)?
See also: off, sth

be a/the ˌpoor man’s ˈsb/ˈsth

be a person or thing that is similar to but of a lower quality than a particular famous person or thing: Try some of this sparkling white wine — the poor man’s champagne.
See also: poor, Sb, sth

ˌpoor old ˈsb/ˈsth

(informal) used to express sympathy: Poor old Mrs Kirk’s just gone into hospital again.She sat down to rest her poor old legs.
See also: old, poor, Sb, sth

little/nothing short of ˈsth

used when you are saying that something is almost true, or is equal to something: Last year’s figures were little short of disastrous.The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.
See also: little, nothing, of, short, sth

ˌthere’s ˈsth for you

(spoken) used to say that something is a very good example of something: She visited him every day he was in the hospital. There’s devotion for you. ♢ (ironic) He didn’t even say thank you. There’s gratitude for you!
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