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At STH 140, which experienced both the highest absolute number and relative number of OW vehicles (9.54 permits/day and 1.8% of total truck traffic, resp.), the OW vehicles caused increases in pavement rutting of 6.5% and increases in bottom-up fatigue cracking of 18.5%; this translates into per-truck damage levels caused by OW vehicles of roughly 360% for rutting and 1,030% for bottom-up fatigue cracking (Figure 8).
Samples which fulfilled the inclusion criteria were obtained during the Primary Health Care schedule and then interviewed to fill the questionnaire for the mother/caregiver to determine socio-demographic data of the samples and the risk factors for STH infection.
Unlike other pathogens, STH can survive in various environmental media, especially soil, for months to years if conditions are favourable [6].
Figure 1 displays the interaction between breed and age, it suggested that the highest levels of Lpin2 mRNA occurred at 10 months of age in both breeds of sheep, however the lowest expression occurred at 2 months of age in STH and at 8 months of age in GTL, respectively.
In July 2012, we approached the directors of 18 primary schools in Belen (4)--an impoverished community in the Peruvian Amazon, highly endemic for STH infections--to participate in this cross-sectional study.
Periodic deworming of children together with improvement of water and sanitation and health education can reduce the transmission of STH infestation.
The impact of STH on health and economy has been largely underestimated.
Summary: Abdulla Nasser Al Suwaidi, Adnoc director-general, visited the under construction oil and gas projects in Upper Zakum, Sth Al Zarboot and Das Island to review the progress of work.
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INTERMEDIATE BOYS: 100m Jack Lemaire (IOM) 11.4; 200m Jack Lemaire (IOM) 23.1; 400m Liam Skyner (Liv) 51.5; 800m Matthew Shirling (St H) 1.54.9; 1500 James Grundy (Sef) 4.20.6; 3000m Owen Sharp (Liv) 9.28.2; 100m H Charles Ward (Wir) 18.2; HJ Amadeo Scanavacca 1.70m; PV Alan Humphreys (Liv) 2.80m; LJ Taylor Caton-Hand (St H) 5.83m; TJ Taylor Caton-Hand (StH) 12.53m; Shot Francis Mulvaney (Liv) 11.86m; Discus Francis Mulvaney (Liv) 33.24m; Javelin Joe Harris (IOM) 44.85m; Hammer Francis Mulvaney (Liv) 41.76m.
The leading forklift truck provider has supplied one of its fleet of short term hire (STH) trucks, free of charge, to the charity, Samaritan's Purse.
Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infestation has an uneven worldwide distribution, with a peak prevalence in tropical and subtropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas, China and East Asia.
As regards the group of phrasal verbs, the collocations Court took sth. into consideration and Court took sth.
Mr Robertson claims STH agreed a fiveyear contract with his Hebburn-based company, Robertson Scaffolding LTD, in 2008.
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