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fly in the face of

To be or act in clear opposition to something else. I can't believe you said something so awful. It flies in the face of everything we stand for! Don't quit now, that just flies in the face of all your hard work.
See also: face, fly, of

do justice to (someone or something)

1. To describe or show someone or something accurately. Often used in the negative to emphasize that something is better than it appeared or was portrayed. I think you two will love this house once we get inside—the pictures really don't do justice to its mid-century modern charm.
2. To eat or drink in large quantities. I think you bought too much soda—there's no way the party guests will do justice to all of that.
3. To give something the amount of care and consideration it warrants. I don't have enough of a vocal range to do justice to that beautiful song.
See also: justice

fall (a)foul of (someone or something)

To become disliked or to come in conflict with someone or something due to one's actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict. Since you're new here, be careful not to fall afoul of Bill—he'll keep you off of every case if he's mad at you. I fell foul of the committee, and now I'm not sure how to improve my reputation. Ted fell afoul of the law when he was still a kid, and he's been in and out of jail ever since.
See also: fall, of

so much for (someone or something)

Someone or something is no longer relevant, feasible, or worth consideration. A: "The mechanic said the entire engine needs to be replaced." B: "Well, so much for our road trip." The new CEO lasted less than a week before he was fired for improper conduct. So much for him.
See also: much

be a/the poor man's (someone or something)

To be a less desirable substitute for the actual or genuine person or thing. That local artist is the poor man's Picasso—to everyone in town, at least. I was happy with my new car, even though my friends think it's just a poor man's Jaguar.
See also: poor

be off for (something)

To have a certain quantity of something. How are you off for bowls? I can bring more.
See also: off

in the nature of (something)

In the style or manner of something; similar to or typical of something. While the movie is in the nature of a paint-by-numbers action film, it is actually in service of a remarkably deep and emotionally rich allegory of human folly. It is not in the nature of a boy his age to be so preoccupied with books and learning.
See also: nature, of

now for (someone or something)

Let's turn our attention to this person or thing. And that's all our headline stories for tonight. Now for Janet Morgan with sports. Thank you for that wonderful performance. Now for something a bit different.
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poor old

An expression of sympathy, pity, or compassion for someone or something. Poor old Robert was let go from another job; he just can't catch a break. Are we nearly there? My poor old feet are killing me!
See also: old, poor

there's (someone or something) for you

That trait, characteristic, behavior, etc., is so typical of the way someone or something usually acts, behaves, or operates. Insider trading and horribly unscrupulous backdoor deals? Yep, there's Wall Street for you. A: "I can't believe he cheated on her with several different women while they were together." B: "What a pig. There's men for you."

fly in the face of someone or something

 and fly in the teeth of someone or something
Fig. to challenge someone or something; to go against someone or something. This idea flies in the face of everything we know about matter and energy. You had better not fly in the face of the committee.
See also: face, fly, of

fly in the face of

Also, fly in the teeth of. Act in direct opposition to or defiance of. For example, This decision flies in the face of all precedent, or They went out without permission, flying in the teeth of house rules. This metaphoric expression alludes to a physical attack. [Mid-1500s]
See also: face, fly, of

fly in the face of

be openly at variance with what is usual or expected.
See also: face, fly, of

fly in the face of ˈsth

(written) oppose or be the opposite of something that is usual or expected: Such a proposal is flying in the face of common sense.
See also: face, fly, of, sth

fall foul of ˈsb/ˈsth

do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something: They fell foul of the law by not paying their taxes.Try not to fall foul of Mr. Jones. He can be very unpleasant.
See also: fall, foul, of, Sb, sth

do justice to ˈsb/ˈsth


ˌdo somebody/something ˈjustice

say or do something which shows that you know or recognize the true value of somebody/something; show the true value of something: They were not hungry and couldn’t do justice to her excellent cooking.This picture doesn’t do him justice; he’s much better-looking in real life.
See also: justice, Sb, sth

ˌso much for ˈsb/ˈsth

1 used to show that you have finished talking about something: So much for the situation in the Far East. Now let’s turn our attention to South America.
2 used to suggest that something has not been useful or successful: She gave the job to the other manager. So much for all her promises to me.
See also: much, Sb, sth

in the name of ˈsb/ˈsth


in somebody’s/something’s ˈname

1 using the authority of somebody/something; as a representative of somebody/something: I arrest you in the name of the law.
2 used to give a reason or an excuse for doing something, often when what you are doing is wrong: new laws introduced in the name of national security
3 for somebody; showing that something officially belongs to somebody: The reservation was made in the name of Brown.The car is registered in my name.
See also: name, of, Sb, sth

in the nature of ˈsth

similar to something; a type of something; in the style of something: His speech was in the nature of an apology.
See also: nature, of, sth

now for ˈsb/ˈsth

used when turning to a fresh activity or subject: And now for some travel news.
See also: now, Sb, sth

be ˌoff for ˈsth

(informal) have a particular amount of something: How are we off for coffee (= how much have we got)?
See also: off, sth

be a/the ˌpoor man’s ˈsb/ˈsth

be a person or thing that is similar to but of a lower quality than a particular famous person or thing: Try some of this sparkling white wine — the poor man’s champagne.
See also: poor, Sb, sth

ˌpoor old ˈsb/ˈsth

(informal) used to express sympathy: Poor old Mrs Kirk’s just gone into hospital again.She sat down to rest her poor old legs.
See also: old, poor, Sb, sth

little/nothing short of ˈsth

used when you are saying that something is almost true, or is equal to something: Last year’s figures were little short of disastrous.The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.
See also: little, nothing, of, short, sth

ˌthere’s ˈsth for you

(spoken) used to say that something is a very good example of something: She visited him every day he was in the hospital. There’s devotion for you. ♢ (ironic) He didn’t even say thank you. There’s gratitude for you!
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