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even Steven

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even Steven.
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even Steven

to be even (with someone or something) by having repaid a debt, replied in kind, etc. Bill hit Tom; then Tom hit Bill. Now they are even Steven. Mary paid Ann the $100 she owed her. Ann said, "Good, we are even Steven."
See also: even, Steven


Exactly equal; also, with nothing due or owed on either side. For example, I've paid it all back, so now we're even-steven. This rhyming phrase is used as an intensive for even. [Mid-1800s]


1. mod. evenly divided. He made the two piles of diamonds even-Steven and then let me choose which one I wanted.
2. mod. even; balanced. Now that we’ve given each other black eyes, are we even-Steven?
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