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even Steven

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even Steven.
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even stevens

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even stevens.
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even Steven

to be even (with someone or something) by having repaid a debt, replied in kind, etc. Bill hit Tom; then Tom hit Bill. Now they are even Steven. Mary paid Ann the $100 she owed her. Ann said, "Good, we are even Steven."
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even Stephens (or Stevens)

an even chance.
1990 Alan Duff Once Were Warriors And I give her half. Clean down the middle. Even stevens. I don't try and cheat her out of her share.
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For years my early work with Roger Penrose seemed to be a disaster for science," Stephen said.
AS YOU ENTER THROUGH THE GLASS DOORS AT STEPHENS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP'S MILLENNIUM Motor Cars in Plano, Texas, a brand new 2001 silver Jaguar that sells for just under $70,000 draws you in.
There was a big "Welciome Back" sign when Stephen returned to school -- and nothing happened to back up his fear of ridicule.
Heywood, Chief Executive Officer and d'Arbeloff Founding Director of the ALS Therapy Development Foundation and Stephen Heywood's brother.
Vinfolio announced today that it has partnered with Stephen Tanzer in the first-ever licensing agreement of International Wine Cellar (IWC) content for use in an online cellar management application.
Now, Stephens says, he is doing just that, as one of several dozen Edwards airmen deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
We think The Stephens Group is a perfect fit and we are excited to be partners with a group that shares our core values and commitment to excellence in all phases of its business.
Stephens even told herself that she would be happy with an honorable mention.
This year's team has the potential to be the best - and even better next year - according to Stephens, who calls it his most balanced and cohesive team in seven seasons with the Cardinals.
This team has a combined 150 plus years of private equity experience and a long history of creating substantial wealth," said Witt Stephens, Jr.
Dressed in black slacks, starched white shirt, narrow black clip-on tie, white socks and black shoes, Stephens is the founder of the Geek Squad, a high-tech company that specializes in computer support.
Given the Stephens family's existing media assets, we were well aware of the consumer trend toward digital media consumption," said Witt Stephens, Jr.
Saturday for Phil ``The Chief'' Stephens, 89, a Big Band era bass player at The Valley Funeral Home, 2121 W.
Cal Lutheran's Heidi Stephens is having trouble finding a personal goal for this season.
Cold Fusion Foods, the manufacturer of the world's first herbally-active, protein enriched frozen juice bars, teams up with James Stephens, founder and president of the Food for Thought foundation and Homeless Team in Training program at the Chronicle Marathon held this Sunday, July 9, 2000 at Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadow in San Francisco.