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Police had investigated and said the boy's stepfather and mother had been arrested and questioned, but he gave no indication of whether anyone had been prosecuted.
Gerdie had surrendered to the police after the incident and turned over the bolo used by his stepfather.
The post added that the boy's father had passed away and that "Grandpa and Grandma said that the child was beaten by his stepfather."
She claimed that on Saturday, when the local court quashed the abduction case against her husband, the officer informed her stepfather of the case status and told him Bilal was going home.
The 49-year-old reportedly denied the charges read to him in court concerning sexual exploitation of a minor and for taking advantage of his position as her stepfather. The offences reportedly took place between 2008 and 2010.
The defendant and his stepfather were in tears as Mr Russell read a victim impact statement to the court which said how his stepson suffered from ADHD and ASD.
"The girl's stepfather began raping her when she was just 11 years old," sister of the girl's mother said.
not identifying the risk of harm posed by the stepfather to the children following receipt of an email from the NSPCC dated 11 July 2014 raising concerns n ?
The suspect identified as Nickolas Khalil Vinson also recorded his stepfathers last moments and uploaded the video on Snapchat, court records indicate, Denver Post reported.
The fatal shooting of a 15-year-old Chicago boy slain while delivering newspapers with his stepfather to earn money to buy presents may have been the result of mistaken identity and rooted in an ongoing gang war that didnt involve him, Chicago police said Monday during a news conference in a city where gun violence this year has left nearly 600 people dead.
A 17-year-old girl yesterday narrated how her stepfather raped her when she was only five - 'in return' for feeding her and paying for her education.
AN EVICTED man damaged his stepfather's car because he blamed him for losing the home belonging to his late mother.
Paul Roberts, 26, made threats against his brother and stepfather to scare mum Sandra Roberts, 56, into giving him money, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
My mother and stepfather were talking about the accident one morning in the kitchen.
A MURDERER who tried to clean up evidence as his fatally injured stepfather lay dying on the floor has been jailed for life.