step off

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step something off

to measure a distance by counting the paces required to cover it. she stepped the distance off and noted it on her pad. Liz stepped off the number of feet from the window to the opposite wall.
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step off (of) something

to leave something elevated with one's first step. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she stepped off the bottom step and walked down the street. Tony stepped off of the bank and waded across the stream.
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step off

to come off something by taking a step. she came to the bottom step and stepped off. Ed was afraid to dive in from the side of the pool, so he just stepped off.
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step off

1. To take a step so that one is no longer on something: The politician stepped off the plane and waved to the crowd.
2. Slang To leave someone or something alone. Used chiefly as a command: Step off—I saw that clock first, and I'm going to buy it!
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This project also provide much nicer around impressive monument Arlene She said: "The area is one of the first sights to greet visitors when they step off the train and we want to make sure they get a good first impression.
It depends on whether you're the one standing at the intersection waiting to step off the curb or the one driving the car.
Just once I'd like to see a manufacturer step off this merry-go-round and present its product clearly, concisely, and with a minimum of hyperbole.
Had the additional evidence presented demonstrated a motive for Sean Fox to step off the horse, the legal advice may well have been different.
When a visitor steps on the pedal, a deafening slice of a musician covering Jimi Hendrix's ravishing, enraged Star Spangled Banner pours from the amp; step off the pedal and the anthem ceases.
Clear, high resolution images of low density materials such as aramid, nylon and polyester are said to enable the operator to easily identify anomolies such as crossed and broken body ply cords, body ply cord spacing, turn-ups and s-ing, chafer dimensions, belt step off and concentricity, open and heavy splice, bead bundles concentricity, material voids and porosity, and foreign material, according to the literature.
We had to make them understand that a half step off or a hand gesture made the wrong way would have a totally different meaning.
We ached with laughter over the progression of her greed, recognizing how greed begets greed, how once you step onto that escalator of materialism, it's hard to step off.
Passengers travelling from Liverpool to London, for example, can step off the train at Crewe and save pounds 91.
Yet airlines do not routinely keep track of customers after they step off the jetway--a fact that hinders such investigations, Castro points out.
ATLANTA -- Is your fraternity or sorority ready to be crowned the next Sprite Step Off champion?
If you step off the curb when the sign says "Walk" you will not be ticketed.
If the next movement is a jump or a pointe step off both feet, the dancer will keep her weight equally on the balls of both feet.
Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Francisco also Host Sprite Step Off Regional Finals
Kim Stump of Valencia was elated to see her husband, Firefighter Paul Stump, step off the bus.