step into shoes

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step into (someone's) shoes

To fill someone's position, especially one of power or authority. I don't know who they're getting to step into Davidson's shoes, but I doubt they'll be anywhere near as good a manager as he was. I tell you, I wouldn't want to step into her shoes. Sure, the pay would be better, but I don't want all that stress!
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step into someone's shoes

Fig. to take over a job or some role from someone. I was prepared to step into the boss's shoes, so there was no disruption when he left for another job. There was no one who could step into Alice's shoes when she left, so everything came to a stop.
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Suicidally tormented by the death of his longtime partner Jim (Matthew Goode), his friend Charley is a lovely shoulder to cry on - giving Julianne Moore the chance to step into shoes which might once have been worn by Faye Dunaway or Julie Christie.