step back on

step back on (something)

1. To return to an area of performance, such as a stage, field, court, etc., after a hiatus of some kind. After such a horrendous show, I vowed never to step back on the stage ever again. Everyone said her basketball career was finished when she injured her ankle, but she stepped back on the court after a year of intensive rehab.
2. To withdraw, reverse, or retreat from one's position or opinion on something, especially in a quick or abrupt manner. The senator has been accused of stepping back on numerous promises he made during his election campaign. The government has been forced to step back on its plan of raising taxes after nationwide protests.
See also: back, on, step
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step back on someone or something

to move back and tread on someone or something in the process. Jeff stepped back on Judy and made her yelp with pain. Jeff stepped back on the cat.
See also: back, on, step
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