a/one step ahead

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one step ahead

A little bit more prepared, skilled, or successful than someone or something else; able to outmaneuver or outpace someone or something.. I've been working extra hard so that I'm one step ahead of the new girl threatening to take my job. That crook hasn't been arrested yet because he's always one step ahead of the cops.
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a/one step aˈhead (of somebody/something)

when you are one step ahead of somebody/something, you manage to avoid them or to achieve something more quickly than they do: One of the reasons why they’re so successful as a business is because they always seem to be one step ahead of the competition.
See also: ahead, one, step
References in classic literature ?
We will here step ahead of our narrative to observe that about three years after the time of which we are treating, Mr.
Ben is a step ahead and someone like Trent is already another step ahead.
Four BASF employees were among 130 women recognized nationally through The Manufacturing Institutes 2017 STEP Ahead Awards.
At the event, The Manufacturing Institute will recognize Melissa Ross as a STEP Ahead Honoree, and Mbeke Perez as a STEP Ahead Emerging Leader.
com/tv/2017/02/07/blindspot-jane-weller-romance-alexander/) Sandstorm's mole is once again one step ahead of Jane Doe and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton ).
Michael After abducting his eight-year-old son Alton from the clutches of a Waco-like sect, Michael Shannon heads across the American South while keeping one step ahead of the cult's heavies and a Government task force headed by Adam Driver.
However, the hunters always seem to be one step ahead and the youngster realises his chances of survival are slim.
Analyst Koco Danaj, said that Albanians who protested in Macedonia are one step ahead of politicians.
I also give a tremendous amount of credit to Erik Schaffer and A Step Ahead Prosthetics for building the special prosthetic legs that I use to compete.
IN ADVANCE OF March's Women's History Month, the Manufacturing Institute and its STEP Ahead initiative partners recognized 122 recipients of the STEP Awards at a reception in Washington, D.
One Step Ahead is now based in Jubilee Road, Eston, after a derelict building was transformed into a studio.
Ensuring a lasting, fair and comprehensive solution in Cyprus is the requirement of Turkey's and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's policy to be one step ahead (than other concerning parties) since 2002," Bagis said during his meeting with European Commission's Director General for Enlargement Stefano Sannino in Ankara.
BUSINESSES can stay one step ahead of cyber criminals at a free e-Crime Wales event.
Easton is making the move to stay ``one step ahead,'' according to a statement.
Now he and his older brother Niko are on the run, one step ahead of the Auph, who want Cal for unknown reasons.