stem from (something)

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stem from (something)

To come, result, or develop from something else. My fear of the water stems from the time my brother nearly drowned me when we were playing in our cousin's pool as kids. The poverty in this area stems from the closure of the coal mine, the largest single employer in the entire county.
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stem from something

[for an event] to result from something. These problems all stem from your mismanagement. Our difficulties stem from the bad weather we have been having.
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stem from

To have something as an origin or cause; have developed from something: Most prejudice stems from fear.
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"Running" and "Sweet Talk," from the first record, were imagined, over-the-top ideas that stemmed from something I'd felt or seen that wasn't necessarily my own story.
They decided that the discrepancy stemmed from something electrical.
Sports and history collections alike will find this a powerful account of India's rise and of how cultural changes stemmed from something as basic as a national sport.
Doubts stemmed from something I had read someplace, somewhere, and God knows when.
The original dispute sounds to have stemmed from something quite trivial - a wall between two properties and a TV aerial on a shared chimney.
The controversy stemmed from something Schmidt promoted on a Web site,, that he co-owns with Martin.
The adviser, Ron Dermer, said the image problems Israel faced internationally, especially after criticism of its conduct in last year's Gaza war, stemmed from something deeper than opposition to its political policies.
The wire fraud charge Cross admitted to stemmed from something that happened after he left Barton County in 1999 to become head coach at Chipola Junior College in Marianna, Fla.
It all stemmed from something being thrown on to the pitch but instead of giving it back their guy did a couple of keep-it-ups and then passed to one of his players.
Mark Pembridge, Everton's Wales midfielder, was having problems with his calf muscle and eventually Davey got to the root of the problem and worked out that it all stemmed from something in his diet.