stem the tide

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stem the tide

To stop something from continuing or worsening. Once the people turn on you, you'll have a hard time stemming the tide of rebellion.
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stem the tide

Stop the course of a trend or tendency, as in It is not easy to stem the tide of public opinion. This idiom uses stem in the sense of "stop" or "restrain." [Mid-1800s]
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stem the tide


stem the flow

COMMON If you stem the tide or stem the flow of something bad which is happening to a large degree, you start to control and stop it. The authorities seem powerless to stem the rising tide of violence. The cut in interest rates has done nothing to stem the flow of job losses.
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ˌstem the ˈtide (of something)

stop the large increase of something bad: The police are unable to stem the rising tide of crime.
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stem the tide, to

To stop the course of a trend, opinion, or the like. The verb to stem, meaning to stop or restrain, comes from the Old Norse word stemma, meaning “to dam.” It would take an enormous dam to stop ocean tides, but the tide of public opinion, for example, can be checked or diverted. Thus Fred A. Paley wrote (The Tragedies of Aeschylus, 1855), “Aristophanes evidently saw the tide . . . and he vainly tried to stem it by the barrier of his ridicule.”
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Manama: A major report looking at the prevalence of type 2 diabetes will warn that cases in people aged 20-39, currently at nearly 63 million globally, are set to rise by 19 per cent to nearly 75 million if measures are not urgently taken to stem the tide of the disease.
We as a city and region are struggling to stem the tide of childhood obesity.
After letting the crisis on the border fester for over a month, Washington is still barely doing anything to stem the tide of migrant children entering our country, forcing Texas to act on its own, writes state Rep.
David Cameron is determined to stem the tide of House of Lords defeats.
Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar said the motion would help to "stem the tide" of nicotine addiction.
Mexican military troops have been deployed in both states in an attempt to stem the tide of violence linked to drug cartels and local militias that have been formed to try to protect communities in the region.
A 21-point haul for Rudy Fernandez, who quit the National Basketball Association to return to Madrid last year, could do little to stem the tide.
Alas, Chapman could not stem the tide. Just seven more wins followed against Chester-field, Swansea City, Doncaster Rovers, Bristol City, Blackpool (away), Cardiff City and Lincoln City and they sank alongside both Welsh clubs and Lincoln.
KARACHI -- Following a ban on pillion riding in the metropolis, the city management has gone one step ahead by announcing to close down all restaurants at midnight to stem the tide of violence on the surge in the city, media reported on Thursday.
STEM the tide; reforming science, technology, engineering, and math education in America.
The relief camp at Fortress Stadium has been established to collect generous donations from public as well as welfare and aid organizations to stem the tide of hunger faced by homeless people.
Ashley Travel accounted for Duck Athletic1-0, while Tanner Athletic took an early lead over Village Inn but could not stem the tide after that as Young chipped in with five goals and the game finished 9-1 to the away side.
STEVEN MIDGLEY Elland WHEN is something tangible and practical going to be done to stem the tide of outrageous maiming or killing of babies and children by the repellent dangerous and fighting dogs in our midst?
Subbed at half time with the Clarets trailing 5-0, McDonald showered and went for a quiet pint as his teammates tried to stem the tide.
This article reviewed the case of indecent dressing among the youth of today especially on the universities campuses, which has forced the authorities of those institutions to enact dress codes to stem the tide and restore high moral standards, integrity and decency.