stem the tide

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stem the tide

To stop something from continuing or worsening. Once the people turn on you, you'll have a hard time stemming the tide of rebellion.
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stem the tide

Stop the course of a trend or tendency, as in It is not easy to stem the tide of public opinion. This idiom uses stem in the sense of "stop" or "restrain." [Mid-1800s]
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stem the tide


stem the flow

COMMON If you stem the tide or stem the flow of something bad which is happening to a large degree, you start to control and stop it. The authorities seem powerless to stem the rising tide of violence. The cut in interest rates has done nothing to stem the flow of job losses.
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ˌstem the ˈtide (of something)

stop the large increase of something bad: The police are unable to stem the rising tide of crime.
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stem the tide, to

To stop the course of a trend, opinion, or the like. The verb to stem, meaning to stop or restrain, comes from the Old Norse word stemma, meaning “to dam.” It would take an enormous dam to stop ocean tides, but the tide of public opinion, for example, can be checked or diverted. Thus Fred A. Paley wrote (The Tragedies of Aeschylus, 1855), “Aristophanes evidently saw the tide . . . and he vainly tried to stem it by the barrier of his ridicule.”
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Across the board selling was observed and positive news flow on Qatar's potential investment in Pakistan to the tune of US$ 3B also failed to stem the flow of selling.
WASHINGTON, June 8 (KUNA) -- US and Mexico had reached an agreement to suspend customs tariffs on Mexico, which in turn agreed to take strong measures to stem the flow of immigrants, said US President Donald Trump.
Struggling UCD continue to be without Evan Osam while Timmy Molloy is a doubt as they look to stem the flow of five straight defeats.
Erdogan told ruling party legislators that the zone would keep terrorists out, protect civilians and stem the flow of refugees.
We are focusing our attention on those who are involved with dealing drugs as we need to stem the flow of drugs and make Renfrewshire a hostile area to be involved in the sale of such harmful drugs.
Who will be courageous enough to stem the flow of blood
A repair team attended the site and managed to isolate the leaking and stem the flow of water to a trickle.
Libya has become a frequently used but perilous route to Europe for people fleeing poverty and civil war in the region, although the country's authorities recently stepped up efforts to stem the flow of migrants to the continent.
Tactical changes of enabled Huddersfield to stem the flow and though they did find the net once again the whistle had gone for offside.
Oren is now a member of the centrist party Kulanu in the Knesset: He has been designated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as deputy premier for diplomacy in a pointed effort to stem the flow of right-wing megadrama from the most disgusting big-mouthed, small-minded members of the cabinet, Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett.
B ulgaria has asked for e1/4160m aid from the European Commission to help it protect its borders and stem the flow of migrants and refugees into the country, deputy prime minister Rumiana Bachvarova said on Friday.
Lebanese security forces have been cracking down on traffickers since the country began demanding entry permits for Syrians in an attempt to stem the flow of refugees.
The deal brokered by the European Union with Ankara to provide US$3.35 billion to the Turkish Government is intended to help the country cope with the humanitarian crisis within its own borders, helping to stem the flow of refugees flooding into Europe, Sputnik reported.
Ministers will be seeking to stem the flow through Greece, where authorities are struggling to contain the crossings by boat from Turkey.